Mountain Horses for Sale

Horses for sale

High-quality Rocky Mountain Horses under saddle, all gaits, standing Choco Dock. Sell KY Mountain Saddle, Rocky Mountain, Mountain Pleasure and other related "Gaited Horses"! Tack, trailers and other accessories for sale! For those who want to discuss and promote these amazing horses. Rocky Mountain Horse Farm, C&W Farms, specialized in sales, breeding and training.

Mountain Horses for sale in Kentucky

A very cute and intelligent youngster. He is a very cute guy with a lovely, naturally slippery walk. He' a great Trailpferd and goes where he..... She is a very cute, soft filly, who likes and likes her. Charms is a wonderful chocolate filly with light dots all over it!

He is a pretty bay with a striking walk. It has been hand-raised and desensitised. A gorgeous, muscular colt is a great hippopotamus! She' s a cute, curious filly with a very good walk. He is a pretty, hand-drawn Filly, who has been under saddle for 60 good years!

That quite well breeded Filly will be really lovely! Sparkles is a lovely mildew dam on sale with her lovely little 4 mth old folly, who..... MISYSY is a wonderful brown filly with a lovely colouring. He is a very good horse! The sierra is great for selling nothing she has done badly, she is very tidy in a stable.

Kentucky Mountain Horses, Van Bert Rocky Mountain Horses, Trail Horses for


Over 200 hectares of land are located near the scenic city of Stanton, Kentucky. Surrounded by the Red River and the scenic Appalachians that make up this part of the gorgeous Kentucky Red River Valley. There are more than 200 nature walkways in this part of Kentucky.

Further westwards the street leads you to the gentle slopes of the Lexington, Kentucky Blue Grass. The Kentucky Wildcat is the home of the wonderful Kentucky Horse Park. It is also home to 34 national horse organisations. Thoroughbred horses are not the only part of the Kentucky Horse Industry.

The sale in the state of KY is dominated by Horses sold by Horses. Mountain horses include several registers; Rocky, Kentucky and Mountain Pleasure. The Kentucky Mountain Horses sind auch in der Kentucky Mountain Association registriert. When your knee and back prevent you from horseback rides, the mountain horses have shown that you can get back in the saddle again and really appreciate the "horse".

The Mountain Horses are located in East Kentucky and have always been part of the Appalachians' world. Economical periods have never been simple for East Kentucky horses, but the mountain horses have always been part of the legacy of work, good days and surviving. The" mountain horses" were used in the forests and collieries, but they were to be the horses that allowed small kids to go to the" angling place" on Saturday and draw the stroller to go to church on Sunday.

A mountain pony can also be part of your ancestors. It has first class horses and some of the best coaches in the business. When you want to be in the arenas, participate in trails contests or enjoy trails, "we can put you in touch with your favourite horse".

" Schedule a trip to our complex and convince yourself of this beautiful animal, and while you are here, you are planning to see some of the greatest scenic beauties of this area.

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