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Layton riding boots from White Mountain make you comfortable in your boot collection. The Smoky Mountain range produces only high quality, fashionable and durable boots for every member of the family. Picture courtesy of Mountain Horse. As well as the boots you will find our complete range of riding equipment for men in our Dual Sport area. You can use this Mountain Horse guide to learn how to measure correctly for high riding boots.

Sovereign Mountain Horses bottes de champ de montagne Schwarz Schwarz

The Sovereign Feld Boots, a traditionally stylish and contemporary style, are the most beautifully styled boots Mountain Horse has ever made. Featuring a range of sophisticated, stylish yet sophisticated characteristics, these classical boots stand alone. Made from high quality full grained leathers with an already worn feeling, these boots incorporate the Mountain Horse Prolaze-Flexnotch technology, which provides a more relaxed heel posture for long lasting satisfaction.

YKK Vislon Zipper on the back of the boots with a spring lock for extra safety, while the top, which has a curved shape, gives a hint of refinement that is the envy of everyone. Watch our useful Tall Boatizing Video for extra size help! Calf width:Height: 613 3/8"-14 1/8"17 3/4" 713 3/4"- 14 1/2"18 1/8" 814 1/8"-15"18 1/2" 914 1/2"-15 3/8"18 1/2" 1015"-15 3/4"18 1/2" 1115 3/8"-16 1/8"18 7/8" Foot size:

Width of calf:Height: 714 1/2"-15 3/8"18 1/8" 815"-15 3/4"18 1/2" 915 3/8"-16 1/8"18 1/2" 1015 3/4"-16 1/2"18 1/2" 1116 1/8"-16 7/8"18 7/8" Foot size: Width of calf:Height: 612 1/4"-13"18 1/8" 712 5/8"- 13 3/8"18 1/8" 813"- 13 3/4"18 1/2" 913 3/8"-14 1/8"18 7/8" 1013 3/4"- 14 1/2"19 1/4" Foot size: Width of calf:Height: 712 5/8"-13 3/8"18 7/8" 813"-13 3/4"19 1/4" 913 3/4"-14 1/8"19 1/4" 1013 3/4-14 5/8"19 5/8" Foot size:Width of calf:Height: 613 3/8"- 14 1/8"16 1/8" 713 3/4"- 14 1/2"16 1/2" 814"- 14 3/4"16 7/8" 914 1/8"- 15"16 7/8" 1014 1/2"- 15 3/8"16 7/8" 7/8".

Motorcycle Adventure Boots | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Adventurous motorbiking is one of a kind. These include tourism as well as off-road travel. If you have an adventurous bicycle, make sure you have equipment that is suitable for the job. If you are looking for boots, make sure you get something that is up to the rigours of adventurous motorcycle racing and offers unbelievable levels of rideability.

Do not forget security and security first and last. Normal shoes - even if they are "heavy duty" - do not provide the same level of wear as specially made riding boots. The Adventure boots provide the crash grip you would want when off-roading and the wear strength you need for the roads. Some boots also provide extra tibia protectors and ankles.

Horseback riding adventure often includes many non-riding acitivities, from hiking and camping to enjoying a nice visit with locals. You' re supposed to be feeling good in your motorbike boots. This means that while you still need security and assistance, you also need a degree of flexibility.

However, there are some other characteristics that can be beautiful, such as a good profile to give you enough grip when you are riding your bicycle, when you are not riding it (e.g. when you need to lift it up). You should also consider watertight boots according to where your adventure takes you.

Multiple boots have been specially developed to keep away moisture under all conditions (even when you' re in a river ) and still be able to breathe. Naturally, the quests are different for everyone, so we've put together a good range of boots to make sure you find something to suit your needs.

There are boots that are set up for adventures that contain the words adventures directly in their names. However, we also have other features, such as boots that are more tour-oriented, and we also have a few short boots if you prefer not to ride off-road and do not need knuckle assistance.

There are also some trial boots that - although not intended for adventures - were very much loved by some adventurers. Have a look at our range and collect your next set of motorbike boots today!

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