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Horse Mountain Trail

The Mountain Trail Challenge is an international extreme sport that is fun and exciting. With one word, Extreme Mountain Trail is just like Mountain Trail - except on steroids. Nine basic skills are required for mountain hiking training and serve as a basis on which other skills can be built or improved. Crawford, Colorado:

Is the Extreme Mountain Trail?

It'?s often asked: "What is the big deal between Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail?" To put it briefly, Extreme Mountain Trail is just like Mountain Trail - except on stereoids. Mountain Trail riding presupposes that horse and horse master the trail safely and skillfully. Unlike other horse racing disciplines such as the Extreme Cowboy Race, where horse and horseman must move from obstruction to obstruction as quickly as possible.

Mountain Trail's sports are particularly exciting because it is a challenge for horse and horseman to master the trail's obstructions with precision, delicacy and caution. The level of difficulties is graduated, the most demanding being for the most expert horses and riders. The Extreme Mountain Trail is similar to the Mountain Trail, but with far more demanding hurdles.

A high degree of refinement and audacity is also needed - and there is also the possibility of doing all this as quickly as possible. Usually the obstructions are much more difficult than you would have experienced on a real trail or other horse show. If different mountain trail hurdles are used in combination during the race and you have to overcome them quickly, the challenge is raised to a completely different one.

Overcoming a goal, a queue of cowboys or a lake, for example, is a typical (and hard) mountain trail barrier in itself. However, when all these are combined in a unique barrier that must be ridden quickly, it represents an extreme mountain trail barrier that challenges even the best horse and the best of riders.

One of the main focuses of the Mountain Trail and Extreme Mountain Trail is not only to overcome the hurdles in time, but to carry them out with refinement, which only a real equestrian relationship can achieve. If horse and horseman separate, it seems as if the horseman forces the horse to fulfil the mission of overcoming obstruction.

If this happens, horse and horseman appear as a unique creature, an imagery that only a few tricks of man and animal can compete. Just like horses and riders who rely on their instinct and together overcome apparently impractical barriers with the unmistakeable elegance and finesse of a trusting team.

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