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Three Forks Montana Equine Medical and Surgical Center, MT. Horses, donkeys, mules and zebras From 9 April 2018, the new Montana Department of Livestock Onlinespitting System (OPS) will allow vets to prepare and file horse licences. Vets in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho: It is forbidden to obtain a six-month pass via the on-line approval system. In order to receive a pre-approval, please fill in the form below.

For a 10-day travel authorization for a 6-month travel ing Pferdepass, please call our offices at 406-444-2977. Information on the use of the on-line authorisation system: Should you have any queries regarding the use of this on-line system, please do not hesitate to call the Montana Department of Livestock at 406-444-2976.

Trademark inspectorate - If the region of provenance does not have a Trademark Inspectorate, you should inform yourself upon your arriving in Montana. In order to obtain an audit, please consult a trademark auditor. Every Montana originating animal that leaves the state and returns within 30 working days can obtain an 30 working days license before it leaves Montana.

Reentry visas apply only to equidae that leave the State to take part in shows or shows and not to equidae that are for sale, changed owners or bred. Submit a declaration stating: "These equidae will return to Montana within 30 days" Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) - All equidae must have a positive EIA (Coggins) test within 12 month of import.

EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis) - No test necessary. Any stallion in Montana must conform to the 09-01-I Order. Yearly import permits for horse semen are available on request.

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ATTENTION: Any animal (horse, cattle, pig, goat, goat, sheep or cervix) arriving from a Montana shire which has been found to have suffered the disease within the last fourteen (14) day (s), or a shire which has a site in quarantine for the presence of the disease, shall be accompanied either by a veterinarian's examination report within fourteen (14) day (s) of the arrival of the animal or by a veterinarian's examination report within fourteen (14) day (s) of the arrival of the animal:

"Each animal that has been recognised in this health certificate has been examined and is free from clinically confirmed evidence of the presence of vesicular stomatitis. 3. "The CVI must be on an officially certified paper from the Montana Department of Livestock. Shall be delivered by an authorised veterinarian within 30 working days of entry into Montana.

Copies of the CVI must be sent immediately to the State Veterinary of Montana, P.O. Box 202001, Helena, Montana 59620-2001. An unambiguous number assigned by the Montana Department of Livestock before entering Montana and after all conditions for importation have been fulfilled. Approvals are valid for 10 working days from the date of issue.

Call the importer under (406) 444-2976. Whilst the veterinary licensing management is available 24 h a day, seven h a w, not all licensing methods are available during non-business periods. Enquiries arriving by 16:00 MST on normal working weekdays will be handled on the same date. A protocol on the formal introduction of adults (animals over 12 month of age) into Montana to comply with Montana regulations:

Adverse test for human immunodeficiency within 30 workingdays prior to inoculation. The authorisation may be requested by the national veterinary surgeon of the country of provenance. Inoculated with a full dosage (2CC) of a periodically re-constituted RB51 virus at the ages of 4 to 12 month. of CWD monitoring:

Document all birds in the export flock for the last 60 months: Sales note for all birds that have been purchased in the 60 month period preceding import into Montana; CWD test results positive for all fatalities in birds aged 12 month or more in the 60 month period preceding import into Montana; proof of mortality (third parties required) for all birds aged less than 12 month that have been purchased in the 60 month period preceding import into Montana.

Equine Six-Month Passport is a medical certification designed for equine holders who often attend intergovernmental shows. Will be used for pets taking part in shows (shows, rodeo, trekking etc.) when there is no owner-changing. State veterinarians can invalidate all passes if a sick person is diagnosed.

They live in Idaho, Washington, Oregon or Montana. You must make an enquiry in advance of your trip, which can be found here along with a $5.00 per Horsed Charge (this includes Montana Equestrian Games and Montana Horses). Before entering Montana, you must call 406-444-2976 or e-mail livepermits@mt. gov to obtain a 10-day approval number.

On your first call/email, you must include your HP number(s), your medical report number(s), all of your contact information and the name/address where you are from and where you are going in Montana. Each time you call again, you must give the accompanying horse's medical numbers and the name/address where you came from and where you are going in Montana.

The 6-month attestation is an intergovernmental passport and certain activities may impose further medical examination or certification obligations. Montana Department of Livestock has established an end-of-year horse license for owner horses that often go to shows, rodeo rides, racing etc. in and out of Montana. Each year, the horse licence is granted and replaced the 10-day licence.

You must have an authorisation at all moments of your stay to escort the horse(s) on their way to Montana. Formal test for thymomoniasis is three adverse weekly crops or a unique adverse PCR carried out on a specimen taken by a veterinary surgeon certified by thym and carried out in a MDOL certified lab. Formal testing shall be carried out 60 workingdays following collection of the samples or mixing with females.

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