Mustang Horse for Sale

horse Mustang for sale

When you want your horse to be as wild and free as you are, check out the Mustangs in our classifieds. Sites for BLM brands Mustangs for sale. Every year some foals are raised for selected qualified adoptive parents. The Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption. There are many beautiful Mustangs at our disposal.

Adopting a Mustang

These youngsters are American Mustangs, AQHA or APHA colt or filly. These young mountaineers were bred in the sanctuary, many from the rugged side of the mountains, and were ennobled, led and loaded into a trailers. The adoption fee is approximately $500 and is regarded as a contribution to the sanctuary.

  • An outdoor enclosure with a min. of 400 sq. ft. (20x20) per pet. Corals should not be too big (more than 50x50), because corals are much smaller and easy to preserve. - All fencing and goals must be at least 6 ft high for boardhorses over 18 month.

Five-feet high fencing is permitted for ennobled ponies, annuals and donkeys. - Fence should be 2x6" boards no more than one feet apart, round tubes, posts or similar non-hazardous substances. When ennobled, the pets can be kept on pasture or in boxes with everyday participation.

The lodgings can be a three-sided stable fixed to the coral, or a stable in the stable fixed to the coral, so that the animals can move free between the cages. Protection or stable place should be at least 12 by 12 ft per pet. - Standard and horseboxes that are large enough for 4 or more ponies are generally accepted, subject to definitive pre-shipment clearance.

NOT 1-HORSE-TRAFFIC. No two horse-railers are permitted unless they are standard trailer without partitions. - No pickup trucks with storage shelves. Halter are put on by the Sanctuary personnel on request and must be provided by the adoptive parents.

The Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Internet Adoption

We are very pleased to announce the start of the new website "Wild Horse and BurroOnlineCoral. On this page you can still login and continue to download your existing on-line job applications and outlines. You will need to register on the new website and complete an on-line request.

It will be 2 different treatments, for sale and to adopt. Online Corral offers buyers and adopers better accessibility to America's field and donkeys and improves client services. It allows the user to follow the state of their application directly through the website and to fully fund their purchase through

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