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Here's my horse and the cute little girl. The My Horse is published by NaturalMotion Games and developed by MunkyFun, Inc. PAENNY'S COURAGEous Ride : Horse Riding Jeu. Experience the dream of owning and caring for a realistic horse and share the experience with your friends!

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This is my horse and the cute little gal. Make the horse and girls look nice with clothes and other accessoires in this fun little on-line horseplay. You can' t change the intrinsic beauties of a superb whitecorn and the sweetest little gal, but you can definitely make her look even better.

Ultimately, this is a disguise play and it's just for fun, so you' re enjoying every second. You can use your pointer to interactively modify the girls fur, clothes, shoes, accessoires and give them some nice little wings so that they can remember you as a true faerie. Changing the unicorn maple, its covering and walking through different background.

Unrorns are the most exquisite and wonderful magic beings, so there is no question that all little ladies will be amazed and loved to perform My Horse Adventures.


In case you have a problem with "My Horse" or just have a question, please go to our Helpdesk! When you want to cross the borders of credible character and work at the forefront of the game, we look forward to hearing from you. Please note that we do not tolerate resumes of recruiters.


Enjoy the dreams of having and caring for a real horse and sharing the experiences with your mates! Take good care of your horse by caring for, nurturing, nourishing and caring for it. To keep your horse lucky and fit is the secret to your horse's sucess! Shoot your horse in motion as it is playing and eating in the paddock - it's like you're really there!

Join each other in helping each other: go to the stable of your friend to take care of their horse - many of your fingers do work! Well, my horse looks fantastic. Observe how your horse is moving and how his ear tells you his moods. Admire the Pinto horse - each one looks different. I' ll take my horse and take you to a place you won't abandon.

Ensure that you are playing games on-line to get the latest news contents and functions, and make sure that your subscription is stored if something happens to your game. ATTENTION: My horse is free, but it contains objects that can be bought for genuine cash.

The My Horse is released by NaturalMotion Games and designed by MunkyFun, Inc.

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