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You can own, breed, train, show and care for your own virtual horses. funny horse plays They can register their horse in shows & horse plays, attend and sale horse on the horse fair or in the auction house, participate in the mysstable Lotterie, in order to receive the Chance to win million of it. They can even make their own horse shows and capture fierce ponies! Why is it so special?

We play horse genetic. Each horse has its own special skills and will be different in practice, some will outperform in pace while others will be brilliant in endurance. You can see how your workout pays off with the birth of top class colts and earning a lot of cash by taking home shows.

Living with horses on steam

Mill Creek Horse Ranches are just a ruin, but you are about to do something about it: they are renovating the stable, indoor arena and guest house and they are happy to help you with your payment..... See all reviews:

Horseorld - Myiding Horse " immerses you in the fascinating universe of the Horse Centre. Cultivate your own horse and horseback rides - whenever you want! You' ll be taught about horse care, take horse show jumping classes and cope with a variety of missions. Mill Creek Horse Ranches are in a state of ruin, but you are about to do something about it: Renovation of the stable, indoor arena and boarding house and visitors are happy to afford their time.

Their merit will help you to establish a new stud and soon small fillies will romp around with their mothers on the willow. Others are bringing their own horse to be given a massage. Of course, you also have your own horse, which you can take to various cross-country events if you have both had enough training.

Schooling of foals, horse massages. Detailled graphs on the horse, the object, the landscape and the movement. Discovery of high volume of reviews: Total ratings: In order to display ratings within a date area, please click and drop a choice on a graphic above or click on a particular beam. Downloading feedbacks...... Load ratings..... Load ratings..... Load ratings.....

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