Myler Pelham Bit

The Myler Pelham Dentures

The Myler Bits come from America and were invented by the three Myler brothers. Baby-peelham correction, low and narrow port. The Myler Pelham Comfort Snaffle MB02 Bit- British Bit

The Myler Pelham Deluxe Wide Barrel Bit has 4.5" Pelham cheek pieces and a MT 02 Myler neck. This comfortable bridle chisel is made of high-grade and has a cup insert for receiving and softens the chisel. Myler LEVEL 1 bit for novice and collapsed bridle riders.

Width liner of the Komfort-Trense avoids the collapse of the bit into a B on the mouth of the hind. In this way, the rods and lip are also prevented from getting trapped. The Pelham Deluxe Snuffle is available in size 5.

Sport & Leisure

Pelham Stainlees Steel with Stainless Steel Portorted Barrel (MB 33) Cup Inlay Mouth. The 33 is the Myler' s most mild nozzle in relation to reed force. Generous, broad opening leaves room for the latch to go under the teeth and sip. Since this mouth piece does not turn on the mouth and the mouth piece is broad, it exerts little to no latch force and works primarily with o? the banks, limbs, chin and pole.

There is only 1 " high portal on this mouth piece, so it exerts little strain on the jaw. Since the 33o? has such a high level of lingual reliefs, the animal that goes well in this lipstick, has a trusted and consequent dispositions, designed to work o? the foot and the fit as well as the palms.

It has an independent side movement. See 43LP for a small rise in reed-pressures. See the 16 (Western) or 15 (English) for the same lingual embossing without Independent Side Movement. The same lingual reliefs and independent side movement, but with a mild level of breakdown, see the 05.

Out of the level Best for Your horse by Dale, Ron and Bob Myler.

The Myler Pelham Ss Low Port Comfort Snaffle Mb04 - Test Ride Bit

Pelham Stainless Steel with 5" Stainless Steel Low Port Comfort Snaffle (MB 04, Level 2) inlay. - You are sure you are getting a bit that has never been in the test drive programme..... call us at 800-321-2142 and we will gladly order the bit for you (special orders are not returnable).

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