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Native Estonians are particularly popular as riding horses and as good crockery horses. It is a group that helps people sell and search for'colored' horses and ponies. AQuality Native Highland Pony Cob Shetland Connemara or Welsh Pony are the best British bred local ponies for sale. Our horses are believed to live and grow in a native habitat, which means they graze on large pastures all year round. Visit our broodmare page, many of them are for sale.

Horse for sale

Our horses are believed to be able to breed and breed in a native environment, which means that they are grazing on large meadows all year round. Whether you are looking for your next showhorses, show horses or your next big ranching or trailing horses, you will love what we have to show you.

The horses are subject to aquatic life, tree trunks, cliffy paths, fencing, carnivores, numerous wild animals of stags, moose, bear, bird and much more and of course many cattle. Growing up and understand their environment. We have horses hard enough to work all days, nice enough to go to the city or to compete at a show.

We have the colour you are looking for and a great all-round horseman!

Horse and pony for sale

She is Samantha Asborne Rider

For sale horses and Ponys..... With her jumper schooling at home she has shown a great deal of flexibility and courage. TO THE FIRST RESPONSIBLE PARTNER! A three-year-old Blossom was born and has been in Edwin Tuer's practice since January 2014. It has not been re-trained in any way and is an empty screen for someone looking for a new show, jump or show ring adventure.

and in their new home within 24h. Great fortune for Lauren Campion with her..... seasons under the saddle with the results: IN 24 HRS. WORLD FOR SALE - Small top quality ridinghorse / Allrounder / Dressurprospekt / Eventers..... Cultivated for racing but not big enough to become a domestic hunting racer, he was quickly taken out of practice, unridden and over-trained.

He is well trained and has regularly been trained by Leanne Bell. He has also leapt with his proprietor (2ft 6) over leaps and cross-country fencing, but has shown his ability to jump on the longe and in case of occasional schoolings. He has the right movements, especially gaits and would therefore develop into a super-eventer in equestrianism.

Thimmy went to his first show on June 30, 2013 and won his league and became champ in hand. By the end of this season/beginning of next year he has the prospect of becoming a small top level rider / mid or TARRA-rider. From a lucky chipper who wants a bomb-proof stallion to a competitively priced teenage boy who wants to take a pony to an incumbent who wants to take on or race against a workhorse.

He will be in North Yorkshire from 1 July 2013. 2900 pounds each for a fast sale and a good home. TO THE FIRST VISITOR WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF RE-TRAINING. BEST LUCANE AND RUPERT! Great saddle pony of the top class: Rupert. and he hacked off.

He also jumps small jumps and shows a great talent for spring. It is a comfortable and comfortable horse rider for its old age with lots of room for the end of the 2013/beginning of the 2014 seasons. He went to his first show on June 9 and won both his in-hand and ridingclasses.

He has a nice hair and shows off good-looking. At the moment Rupert is standing at 16,2hh. He is a 4-year-old, brown, self-bred thoroughbred gelding by Winged Love. He is good at shoes, boxing, traveling, catching and free of vices. IN 3 DAYS TO THE FIRST VISITORS. MUCH LUCKY FOR THE MACIN AND MAJOR DANCE IN THE 2014 SAISON..... 16.

The Buddy would stand out in the Dor show and performance. It jumps gladly and is suitable also for an allround house / hunting lodge / event house. 2000 ono (can be oversubscribed with a whole coat rack of blankets and bridles.) Shortage of time/loss of interest powers sale without failure of its own.

ertraemarr Seatle and Katie Blewitt enjoy a succesful first show seasons together on their respective shows. Horses previously solde..... Jennifer Traemarr Seattle was divested to Sarah Evans in 2010. Then Frazier was again to Katie Blewitt for sale. He' enjoys the jumps and does well on the locals race track.

It is Katie's hope that Frazier can enter at district stage next year. Juli 2014 Update: Timmy enjoys show jumper training and Breds with his young horsewoman Anna. It was a great time for Leanne and Rupert to get to know each other. She has just bought a trailers and is planing her own training with Rupert over the winter.

They hope to show something again in 2014. Picture below of Rupert and Leanne when she bought it in 2013. Updated July 2014: Good job, Leanne and Rupert! Rupert has been oversold to a Aberdeen woman and will participate in HOYS class in 2016.

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