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NTEC has everything from English riding lessons, dressage riding and a local saddle shop to catering for your horse. Wotton is your Wotton saddle shop for horses and riders. No matter whether you or your baby are driving for the first want or are more seasoned, it is important to wear the right clothes for security and comforts. The saddle shop in Wotton, near Dorking, has everything the horse needs - and we have a small bench and carpet washer.

There' s something for every sport and every price, whether you have just begun to ride or are a pro. Equestrian helmet fits are critical to the security and comforts of your baby. It is highly advisable to pay a call to our shop to have your cap properly assembled by a skilled hatter.

As an alternative, you can buy caps on this website, but please note that for security and sanitary purposes, all caps cannot be returned as they can become vulnerable to damage (e.g. by falling, etc.) which could significantly affect their ability to survive. All our stallions come from well-known horse industry enterprises and are not just forgery.

Also Fay is a certified "SQP" with a license to provide advice and sale of horseworm, pet and kitten worms and floor worming - please ask for our worm program. When you are in our well-stocked shop in Wotton, near Dorking in Surrey, please call us or we can arrange a special date for the adjustment of your cap and protection.


The Longney Primary Academy Pet Show on Friday 21 September and the FFRC Autumn Hunter Exams on Sunday 23 September at the Frampton Park on Severn. Here is an interesting movie of William Micklem, with the Micklem bridle and the theoretical behind it. Remember that you can rent the Micklem from us for 5 aweeks to try before you buy.

We' ve made a Facebook page devoted to our Second Hands and Clearing booth. Articles are promoted as soon as they are offered for sale. Kindly notice that articles are only available in stores. The Stroud Saddlery has a cab that is full of evacuation objects and second hand, so if you have any objects to sale, please take them with you.

No used carpets, mats, helmets or electric articles are sold.

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