New Equine Products 2016

2016 New Horse Products

It is breathable and allows the driver to move easily. White Horses Equestrian Products will offer a new 'Value Range' from 27 May 2017. News - Whites horses equestrian products Equestrian Products is always striving to offer our customer the highest possible feeds, and has been working towards this goal since we started almost a year ago. Looking forward to attracting new and loyal business, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest line of products for ovine, caprine and porcine feed s, which will be added to our growing UK equine feed, supplement and bedroom product catalog.

You can now enjoy the best UK ovine, caprine and porcine feed available to order by e-mail or phone. Every week our all-new UK distributor will ship and bring our stocks and your orders to the store. Order must be placed by e-mail and payed before shipment and then picked up in our store.

Our selection of feed for goats, swine and goats is of the highest standard and is produced by your British favourites: O.C.M. With excellence at the top of our decision-making process when we introduce new products into our product line, we want to provide our customers with the most trusted products they have come to rely on for their pet family.

Have a look at the new assortment of feed for goats, pigs and goats today, then call Julie at the store on 02 43 04 74 61 or send an e-mail to to place your order. As an alternative, you can also come and see us in the middle of the landscape and talk to Julie and Bea about your needs.

Our goal is to provide our customers with good, old-fashioned after sales services, and we are always pleased to meet your horse food needs. Look how lucky Julie's own fold of flocks is in her lovely, quiet environment!

The app from Zoetis offers a new weight calculator for horses.

PARSIPPANY, N.J., November 9, 2016 - Zoetis has upgraded its EQStable? application to incorporate a new equine weights calculation tool that simplifies precise calculation of worming and drug use. You will find the weights calculation in the menue of the IQStable application as well as in a Quick-Link when you enter the information for your horses.

Worm and many medicines treatments are administered in dosages depending on the horses body mass. Underdosing your horses during worming could contribute to the emergence of parasitic disease. Download the free upgraded version of the EQStable application from the Apple®App Store®. A personalized worming survey at Deworming? helps horsemen to identify their horse's particulate hazard profiles and develop a worming schedule that meets their horse's individual needs.

Memories for worming, inoculations, blacksmithing, dentistry, as well as travel and entertainment. My Tracks Ride: Allows drivers to keep a record of their journeys and store them in a trip protocol. Horsemen can name each itinerary, specify the horses they have ridden on and enjoy their journey with Facebook® mates.

List the latest equestrian related tales that the user can easily click to view. Hints for equine health: Contains worming, immunization, dentistry and fogging advice for a horses or flock. Enables mobile accessing of ICVIs, EIA Coggins and GoPass semi-annual passes. Equine healthcare products: List photographs and general information about each Zoetis products and where to buy them.

Start by inputting your horse's data to keep an overview of his medical needs. ZooTis (z?-EH-tis) is the premier pet healthcare organization committed to helping its clients and their companies. Based on more than 60 years of expertise in the field of pet healthcare, Zoetis identifies, designs, manufactures to market veterinarian products, diagnostics, genetic testing and a variety of related products and therapies.

ZooTis sells its products to vets, pet owners and those who breed and look after domestic and industrial pets in more than 100 different markets. By 2015, the enterprise had an estimated 9,000 associates and $4.8 billion in revenues.

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