New Horse Harness for Sale

A new harness for sale

New heavier version with quick-release tractors. BRAND NEW BIOTHANE BREAST COLLAR HARNESS! Harness Black Leather Show with Brass Hdw like new English Horse Tack comes in all shapes. uy Now Horse pair of harness with collars and ham. Stay informed about new offers and updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter or registering for our SMS service.

For 34 years every year, mid-January has been a very important period for draught horse breeders on and off the eastern and central coasts.

For 34 years every year, mid-January has been a very important period for draught horse breeders on and off the eastern and central coasts. It is the PA Draft Horse Sale at the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg, Pa. at the Farm Show Complex.

This year, the sale will take place from 20 to 21 January with draught and trapeze ponies and Morgans. For 16 years, the sales commission has put a great deal of efforts into winning well-bred animals for breed and well-trained work and leisure riding ponies. Each mare and stallion on sale must be listed with their breed.

As a rule 200-300 ponies are available. Driving forces have always been the basis for this sale, but for some years the sale was a seperate room for Haflinger. Haflinger sales were stopped in 2008. During 2009, the Drafts Horse Sale Committee added a Harness Horse Sale.

The sale has become very much appreciated and attracts top buggies and some showpieces. During 2013, the Morgan Horse selling company, Mid Atlantic Breeders Sale, resolved to conduct its bidding simultaneously. While the sales commission encourages anyone from any horse event to participate in the sale to increase the entertaining value, Dale Stoltzfus, clerk, proposes that a means of paying, a cheque or a debit or debit cards be provided, just in case. on Facebook.

Harness: Mizo Fast Launches $250,000 at the Top of January Selected Sale

Edu Telle came to Tattersall's January Select Mingled Sale at Meadowlands Racetrack on Monday with the intention of purchasing a horse, Miso Fast. A few hour later, Telle reached his destination. The 4-year-old Telle bought the stud for $250,000, which was the highest prize of the month. Previously coached by Ron Burke, Miso Fast has won seven of 36 careers and made $647,938.

Among Miso Fast's wins are five New York Sire Stakes division and the removal of the Max C. Hempt Memorial. Completing the 2016 New York Sire Stakes Championships and the 2017 Empire Breeders Classic. "He is a beautiful horse and will make a beautiful race horse in the next four or five years," Telle said.

Telle, who is living in Ohio and Miso Fast was successful with Safe From Terror last year for his Winchester Baye Acres. A $210,000 purchase during the 2015 Standard Bred Horse Sale blended sale, the filly won 22 of 36 events last year, earning $239,630.

Telle's other achievements include the campaign for Little Brown Jug champion Big Bad John, who made a million dollars in his professional life. "If you' re in this business, why not buy the best if you can buy it," Telle said. Another horse Burke trains for Snowstorm Hannover was bought by coach Marcus Melander as an agency for foreign purchasers.

This 4-year-old has won eight of 36 carreer competitions and made $658,761. "He' a good horse," Melander said. The inverse Hannover was bought by Tom Pollack. She' s won five of 20 professional events and made $136,560. She won a Pennsylvania Sire Stakes race and beat a bunch of older stallions in the Meadowlands in 2017.

"I have always made quite good race mares," said Mr Pole. She' made a big field day against older ponies, which I like to see. At the Tattersalls January Select Mixed Sale in 2016, Pollack bought women's pacemaker Medusa for $65,000. The bestsellers from the Monday sale are below. Click here for full sales results.

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