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Spring / Sommer horse blankets It' s almost the right moment to wrap up the carpets, the blankets and the waterproofness, the heat starts to show its face, summers are coming! It is not always a good idea to take the horse off nude, to bathe it in the nice sunlight, to walk wildly around the field and to enjoy the liberty and tranquility of the summers weathers.

Increased temperature causes flying, sunburns, mosquitoes and rain in summers. Make sure that your horse room is equipped with appropriate blankets to protect it and to take advantage of the beautiful sun. An ultra light cooler is the best way to keep your horse cold and is ideal for making it clean and cozy.

It is the radiator's aim to remove the humidity from the horse's hide and transmit it to the top of the radiator where it can vaporize so that your horse stays comfortably, cold and sober. These carpets keep your horse refreshed in hot conditions. Both the WeatherBeeta Scrim Roller and WeatherBeeta Waffle Roller are great carpets.

Cooler are perfect for warm summers, for traveling in and under the ceiling. Cute itching, also known as recurring form of itching, is an hypersalivary response to the spittle of apricots, mosquitoes, sandflies and other dark insects. Itching causes a very uncomfortable sensation, which causes the horse to bit, grate and scrape the scab.

Extrequently, the horse can really injure and harm itself through the feeling of itchiness. The itching can sometimes be so strong that the horse cannot stand a turn or a horseman. It is always better to prevent than to heal, so it is best to treat your horse against summer eczema in early March/April.

By developing eczema carpets you can virtually hide your horse from top to toe to keep mosquitoes, bugs and mites out. WeatherBeeta' Shield Combo Rug and Shires' Shield Combo Rug are both developed to provide full personal shield.

Featuring a tough, light Oxford polyester material, the WeatherBeeta Shield Suet ltch Combo Tug is resistant to friction but provides protection against pungent bugs and keeps your horse coolly. Shires The Shires Suit ltch Combo Plug offers a fly screen and liquorice protection. Featuring a light, airy carpet with an easy to graze hooded design and a large cock cover to protect your skin, necks and pollen from pungent beasts.

Flying can make your horse's job hard. Allow your horse a break from the annoying flies during warmth. In the course of the years carpets have evolved from a plain leaf to quite complicated carpets, the technique is far more progressive than most people know. Fliegenteppiche are an important part of your horse's dressing room.

De Detach-A-Neck WeatherBeeta Supa-Fly with Insect Shield is an excellent choice to keep your horse safe and ward off insects. The Insect Shield Repellent Apparel is detected and recorded to fend off mosquitos, insects, ticks, ant, fly, chiggers and mosquito. Supa-Fly carpet is made of a thick and lightweight meshed outside material that keeps your horse chill.

You can also use the Horseware® Amigo Petite Bow Fly Bow Cage. Light soft blanket is an indispensable blanket for horses in winter. Saxon 600D Standard Lite switch carpet is a light, unfilled, summerly switch carpet, perfect for warming up. In this breathtaking play, your horse will definitely be the topic of conversation!

The Horseware® Amigo Hero 6 50g standard soft carpet is available in less intense colors if you are not interested in light, summer colors. Horseware® Amigo® comes with a classical genuine design and patent front elbows that provide more mobility and wind the carpet under the horse's stomach for added shelter.

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