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Are you looking for a new horse or pony? New, selected horses from the best German stables for sale. The group is ONLY for New England, USA. He's nervous about new things and people, but never mean. It makes the purchase of horses pleasant, so that you feel safe and comfortable when buying.

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He is a 15.3 hh old horse from "The Big Gun". 16-05-16hh Holstein gelding (8 years)Anakin's father Calendro is the dam of the famous Cassini 1, one of the most successfull Holstein jumping horses of all times..... He is a British Warmblood with a high proportion of Arabs from top lines (sire: Garuda K WH-183).

Shows an extraordinary BE perspective with SJ and RC potentials....... Excellent 3-year-old filly for sale, which currently stands at 15.2h but ends at 16h - 16.1hh. Snaffle' s mouth, good to grab, boot and stall, perfect rider show-jumper. Beforehand slightly occupied and great training capacity.... 2013, 16.1hh Grey KWPN mareBy Everdale, Grandsire Lord Leatherdale and maternal father Jazz.

The Coltissimo Z - Ultimate Dressage Potentials - reduces -, Coltissimo Z, aka Coody is a breathtaking looking stallion with flamboyant movements and cautious jumping..... 50yrs Old from Ars Vivendi x Olympic Lux x Cloverhill full brother to MTF Cooley classic.Dam is full nurse to Int. 1.60 Horsecamblin and half nurse to Dorada 1....

REDUZIERT - BOARGIN reduziert - boargin -, 18.1/2hh darkbrown gelding 9 years old Excellent to shoebox clips and catch....... info. Explore horses for sale all over the globe by searching the advertisements or using the filter above. You can filter horses by horse model, race, age, size, horse size, horse cost, sex and zip code.

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Breathtaking all feathered and bony bayonet filly. Breathtaking, well breeded, fully fledged Shetland gelding. 40 " Shetland, 6 years old, amber. Riding fractured and would be good once fractured. Gonna be a great all-round bangs. 2 hours riding and driving 7-year-old filly named Bea.

Nice bangs, very good with kids. Wooden trolley not supplied. 6-Year-Old Palomino Welsh Section C mam. Really squandered bangs that only need a single gig. For sale only, since we don't have a horseman. Holster fractured, with blacksmith and still dewormed. Friendly fillingy, simple to use.

Might be the perfect teenage girl riding and driving. Breathtaking stallion, 2 years old stallion with stallion king and foal, stallion, white hair and cock. Sell only because you need a lorry. Listed Welsh section G Stute, 17 years young, is a 5 year old mam. Beautiful hacking broodmares, no problems in competition, does not hiss in open areas, good to manage on the buoy.

It would be suitable for someone who wants to have a little pleasure on the funny ride or takes it lightly for a cheerful heel. He' s been pulling cars, Dries, Sulkys, he' ll draw anything and you can take him through the centre of London, nothing beats him. He' a real bangs, you're gonna go a long way to find his match.

The Leadgate Black Phantom. Since then he has been chopping, training and taking part in fun trips and horse vacations for him. In search of an eternal home for this top of the range pen. A top producer thoroughbred filly, empty, 10 years old. A very good filly for a filly. Extremely calm, halters fractured and dewormed, living out, good with other cats.

A choice of purebred and semi-bred Frisian colts from the Red Moon Gestüt. 12hhh and driving a 6 year old gelding. A very good children's pen. For sale only, since we have two old-age studs at the farm. Just in every way, ways to go. It works well in a forward-looking but sure, not rotten at all.

12th 2 hours, 6 years old, ridden by a mistress. Well with blacksmith, good to bathe, to capture, to charge. At 13 hours ca. monochrome filly, still undamaged, good with blacksmith, baths, cargo and muzzle, well-managed. 15hhhh schwarz registrierte Sektion G Stute, 17 years old projekt or broodmares. Extreme hard sale of the beloved filly.

It is typically Welsh and can be powerful, creepy and generally silly. It can be a hurt to be caught, but always follows a pail. She' always been a very forward and powerful horse-rider. He is enjoying his work and is a fast-reacting rider, he was rode in March for a months and then dumped.

Now Floyd has been put back to work, but he's not a beginner, as he's still the same. FLOID is good to fish and travelling and easy to use. A shortage of quality requires a sale. She' s well-managed, good at boxing, good at catching. 12hhhh 10 year old Welsh registered mildew filly.

She' s really fast and has the power to make a great game of ponies. Sorry for selling when grown out now. It' a great deal of pleasure and is forward looking, so no beginners, but never bocks or res. Price for fast sale, no waste of your precious work. Sells himself as a career or just a cow.

This is Mayphillic Fluer Striking young registered Welsh section style dam with great pedigree and great breeding potentials! Since 2017 this young filly has been under rider.... although as a latecomer she has proven to be extraordinarily balanced and very willing to lear. 14.1hh 5 years old Welsh sec a. Passported, mikrochipped, up to date with worm and injection.

Extremely silent, simple to operate. In all respects, this civilian stallion strives to please with a fortunate look into and out of the barn, so that he also has a great time on the farm. He is the loveliest bangs, he will make an excellent riding trip with his team.

11 year old check filly, good in every respect, good to be caught, perfect dam and daughters to mate. It'?s a sorry sale to give up horses. A very uncomplicated filly, she was only slightly supported, so she doesn't have to take much with her. She' s good to fish and bathe, she' s good on the street and doesn' t worry her much.

Marvellous bangs girl, 14. She' s gonna make a great bangs. It' to make. An adorable bangs in search of a good home, she is at a reasonable price to a good home, call for video. Sadly for sale due to a shift in my personality and a little too small for me.

The Briar Bumble is a member of the Shetland Family. Supported as a leaden reins bangs, he was longed, ruled for a long time, hung on a coach and began to train. A Sycamore car is available for sale if you like. Pleasant countryside, simple to operate and capture, charges well and is simple with the blacksmith.

She has proved to be a great broodmare, but has been unemployed for 12 month and has the filly that was foaled at the beginning of April. She has been managed by small kids and has never set a foothold incorrectly, she can be led out and is always a cute kind of filly.

2hhh, red-white filly, 4 years old. The Blazefield Mickey is a certified and approved stud. Simple to use, good with the blacksmith and the crates. Ideal in every way, can be managed by children, easily caught, pouch, load, trip, bridegroom, bath. A wonderful bangs not to be missed! The sale of my section G welshachs, which is 3 years and 6 month old, will be 4 years old on January 3.

If he has a pass with Welsh company, he will be a sturdy youngster when he is full size and will make 2 pm to 2.1 pm. Discontinued for 6 consecutive winters when he turned 3 years old and still had to ride and ripen a little, but is rejected in cold weather to ripen even more.

He did more in the paddock than on the street, but was on the street and nothing disturbed him, he was a little concerned when a truck passed by, but didn't work! 8 year old Shetland sire, approved stickgetter and registered breeding association-pass. Kind-hearted, easily maintained, bathing, charging your toes.

Rote bladdon Stute, very striking bay horse, 13.2-3hhh. She' s broke to horseback riding, she' s 7 years old, very calm. I had a pretty baydon filly last year. He was a trained cocksmith. A very calm bay horse, not pregnant. Wanted, Welsh D-Stallion. Fractured or unfractured, not younger than 3 years!

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