Newborn Baby Horses for Sale

New-born baby horses for sale

A black with a white blanket that is large and colourful. Please contact us today. Newborn Clydesdale foal Baby Clydesdale Horses For Sale. You just take Coconut, a newborn horse from Melbourne, Florida. Milk on the newborn's face is an indication that he may be approaching but not really suckling.

Prospectus of Trail Horse For Sale & or Deluxe Show.

That filly is a scarce Medicine Hat and she is really unique.

You just take Coconut, a newborn from Melbourne, Florida. You' d think she's like any other animal, but her breathtaking looks have made the equestrian scene gape since she was first conceived. ott and Jackie Nelson own and operate the Down Under Colour Farm in Melbourne, Florida, for many years.

Your farm has a number of stunning horses, both US and Canadian. They have a typical, easy to spot design on their fur and are known around the world for their unbelievable looks. These also include the existence of so-called "pinto" marks. Nelsons are appreciated by other cattle breeders as professionals; they practice and breed the cattle directly on their own land.

In addition, they take part in nation-wide contests in which their horses are awarded prizes for rose shoes. As Poka was waterproofed by Chief, a colt who lives on the farm, they knew that the results could be very interesting. Waiting times should be long, especially as the pregnancy of the horses usually lasts 11-month.

The Nelsons' waiting was all the more thrilling as the fillies only gave mother one filly at a while. Meanwhile, the Nelsons have done everything they can to make sure Poka's gestation went as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. After spending much of their career with the Nelsons on a few horses, they were pleased to see that the newborn, whom they called Coconut, wore brown fur and badges.

She gave mother to a scarce medicine cap-hybrid! This is an extremly uncommon type of pied horses, medicinal cap horses are known for the odd marks on their coat. Usually these horses have a typical coat with black stains on their head, which expert say are similar to a head.

Marking medical hat horses has always been a theme of Indian legend. That' s why they thought it could save the humans they ride in war. The indigenous peoples of America valued medicine hat horses because of their versatile skills and were of course in great demand.

They were extraordinary wild horses, and they had a keen sense of warning horsemen of danger. Her alleged mythic power and fortune resulted in many strains throughout the land trying - and in some cases getting away with the theft of witch-hat horses. Although most of the mythic skills of the medicinal hat horses come from folk music, they are still in great demand because of their wonderful serenity.

That' s why the Nelsons knew they had something to wish for in Coconut. Soon the Nelson familiy released a videoclip of their little newborn colt. When she was only two nights old, she happily cantered around her farm and briefly got together with the other horses that were there. Of course, the tape quickly became a virus sensational in the equestrian world.

Humans could not help but be struck by this unique animal in all its splendour. The Nelsons recognized her reselling ability and realized that the interest of the entire equine world would be great and resolved to resell Coconut as soon as she was older. You can' t deny the coconut' s uncommon natural beaute.

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