Nice Horse Stables

Beautiful stables

It' nice to dream, though, isn't it? Although less mainstream, riding in Nice is a way to make your stay on the French Riviera pleasant and exciting. Equestrian stables that raise the bar Stables have never been so good-looking! Photograph by kind permission of Pinterest. Each cow girl has an imagination of what her perfect stall looks like.

While some would rather have less room to administer, some would like to have large stables that are unusual and exaggerated. No matter what your steady tastes are, they are all beautiful and powerless!

Photograph by kind permission of Pinterest. Photograph by kind permission of Pinterest. Photograph by kind permission of Photograph by kind permission of Pinterest. Photograph by kind permission of Photograph by kind permission of Pinterest.

Horseriding in Nice

Equestrianism is therefore an option for anyone who can choose a varied holiday in Nice. Nice as such, but above all the surrounding area, where there are several equestrian centres, offers the possibility for tourist to undertake excursions on horse back or, why not, to acquire equestrian skills.

The Hippique de Nice Club is situated in the western part of Nice, near the two gulf courses of the town. It is one of the most comprehensive equestrian centres in Nice. Horse rides are of course possible, but those who are interested must book in advance. In addition, the centre is available for the accommodation of individual horse owners.

It' s very unlikely that any tourist will need such a facility, but the care of the centre is something that should be taken into consideration in order to get an appropriate idea of what it has to offer. The Ecuries Hippo Camp in Contes, about 15 kilometres north-east of Nice, is an excellent opportunity for those who want to discover the hinterland of Nice.

It lies in an area traversed by numerous bridle paths, ideal for long excursions. A speciality of the stables is the possibility for the guests to practice ping-pong on the grounds. In the neighbouring Saint Laurent de Var, just westwards of Nice, lies Les Ecuries de la Tour, a scenic and inviting horse centre, where one can spend a whole days in the midst of the Mediterranean wind and the mountain scenery, in addition to the horse backpacking.

The Ecole d'Equitation de la Colle Sur Loup, like most equestrian centres in Nice, is dedicated to the professionals as well as to tourism and recreation. These stables were built on the grounds of a former manor house from the seventeenth cent. which is surrounded by old olives that have been cultivated for centuries.

It' a scenic and rustic environment where the visitor will definitely have fun on horseback. Situated about 10 kilometres north-east of Nice, A Cheval Sur les Monts devotes its efforts and events to all types of equestrian fans, pros and novices or ham. A Cheval Sur les Monts also offers horseback rides.

The Babieca association is one of the best ways for those who want to explore the hinterland of Nice. The centre is situated about 10 kilometres from Nice and supplements the horse back rides that can be found around the French Riviera's city.

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