Nice Horses for Sale

Beautiful horses for sale

The Broker is a large, sweet, simple gelding with beautiful smooth gaits. The gelding is beautiful close by and gentle to use. He is a good-looking horse, very good-natured and very gentle, gentle enough for everyone. He is a beautiful horse to be present in every respect. In our category Horses &

Ponies you will find horses for sale from Queensland.

Breeding-Ranch & Performance Horses Foundation

From yearling aspirants, ranching horses, stallions, brood mares to show horses. We have a breed programme built on some of the most up-to-date and established blood lines in the premium and ranching industries. In the course of the years our runnig horses have achieved great results in and out of the show enclosure.

If you would like more information about our horses, you can always call us at (801) 541-9228. Weaver' Rodeo Star is a 2008 AQHA Blue Roan sire. Haancock Badger Bee is a 2009 AQHA grey colt. "Ivan is a beautiful, big, strong horse. It was used for all facets of ranching.

Really nice steed!!!!! "Marcus " is one of Shamus's own horses. He' a nice, big, strong colt. It has been used widely for all facets of ranching. At the moment he is riding in two-pipe, but also in the holster he got along well. He' s been towed to some of the country's largest ranching hoists and has done some astonishing work.

Nice Red Roa Filly by our Colonel Rey Jay colt and a grandchild of I'll Be Smart. One more beautiful filly by our High Brow Cat father and one of our favourite Blue Roan mothers. High brow cat father of a subsidiary of $2,000,000 maker I'll Be Smart. She' s got a sweet little brain and a nice hips.

That sweet bay should be a nice one. He should be a great performer or rancher with High Brow Cat, Hollywood Dun It and Mr Gun Smoke in his stable. The Red Roan is from Shamus' favourite dam line and comes from a Colonel Rey Jay father. People keep asking us about our Blue Roans and this is a NICE!

He is a beautiful gelding full of Rubning U hereditors. It has a very nice exterior and should be a true perspective for all. Sweet skull and quite deep grey colour. A son, a Colonel Rey Jay and a young girl of our Cee Booger Red father. He should be a coward and a defined actor, either in the arenas or on your outpost.

Beautiful big hips and colour. You always have a beautiful colour, a big hips, a beautiful body and are so atheletic. "Waylon " is a 4 year old registred aspha paleomino Gelding. Teri Dawn, our subsidiary, purchased this stallion a few years ago as a weaning rider. Might be an awesome hippopotamus, ranching or showhorses.

The TAYLOR MADE SUNDANCE is a 1993, AQHA and NFQHA, Balomino colt. It is also registered for APHA breed. For over 14 years this great father has been making great colt for us. He' s a true gentlemen who has produced many very good ranching and competitive horses.

With him you get along well not only as a stud but also as a working sire. It has been rode on our 30,000 hectare farm and has also been rode by our younger family. We only sell it because we breed 6 more sires and we have many of his offspring that we breed.

Blondy's Dude was an extraordinary studhorses. There were 5 World Champion, 2 Spare World Champion, 30 AQHA Champion, 1 AQHA Supreme Champion, 11 Junior Halters, 31 Junior Horses and 131 Runner-up. He is also a grandchild of Lura's Oak Bar, who was World Champion, Spare World Champion, Junior Holder and AQHA Champion Satire and Father performer SIR.

At the moment this great stud is for sale.

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