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Note: All horses that are not state horses must have up-to-date cogwheels and health papers, unless they go to the loose stable. Ein Mitglied des Cowboy Church Network of North America. The lessons are tailored to the individual rider with well-trained horses. Catering, training, sales, teaching, whole blood distribution. The Canton Horse Sale, Cattlemen's Livestock Commission.

The Great American Ranch and Trail Horse Sales - With horse and hippopotamus terraces of all kinds and at any price for any budget! Coming early and choose your favourite.

The Great American Ranch and Trail Horse Sales is the place to buy a ranching or hiking horse. We have a one-of-a-kind seasonal event for ranching and trailing horsemen of all races, and there are prizes for all budget categories. Quarterorses and Paints, Cross Breads and Garden Paints are available for all age groups, sports and level of expertise.

It is the eighteenth year for this year' s auctions. With Jackie Turnbull, Trent Rhea and Odell Grose you will find useful information on the transition of your new horse into his new home. The horse has to get used to its other surrounding and to its new owner. A lifelong carreer, Jackie Turnbull has ranged from horse education and presentation to the education of young people, amateurs and adults.

He is acquainted with all special features of horse and equestrian compliance. He will also produce the Great American Ranch and Trail Horse Sale and give you advice on how to buy a horse at auctions, along with information and expertise that can help you buy the right horse.

The contest is open only to those offered for purchase and is conceived in such a way that potential purchasers have the possibility to see the horse in its activity in harmony with the surroundings of the herd. One of the North America, Ein Mitglied des Cowboy Church Network of North America. Reverend Alfred Tyson would like to invite you to listen to your favorite songs, community and prayers before the Trail contest begins.

2 overnight stays either on a place for electricity and running running water or in a dormitory and two corals for your "GREAT AMERICAN" horse or mule. If you register for a buyer number when selling, you can take part in the lottery! For you and your horse, a wonderful 2-night stopover in the cottage is the ideal place for a rural outing.

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