Nylon Breakaway Halters

Tear-off nylon halter

Original Weaver Breakaway Nylon Halter. nylon Centaur Fleece Cushion Breakaway Holder. With the additional breakaway coupling. Gain all the comfort and durability of a nylon holster with the safety of leather. "If a horse gets tangled up in a fence, it is easier to get rid of polyamide than nylon.


The Tack Room nylon breakaway holder with padded nose!

Nylon holster with cushioned noseband, braun strap and round neck for added convenience. The base of the holster is a 1" broad strap and is made of metal or chrome-plated steel. When adding an etched platter to your order, please make sure you know the right sized for your particular animal.

Please let us know if you are not sure about the right-sized. Comes with the disk and piece of equipment that you can install after trying on the holster. Remember that holders with discs on them cannot be refunded.

Breakaway Premium Nylon Halter - Kensington Protective

With the additional breakaway coupling. A thin sheet of hide is placed under the clasp on the top of the head, which breaks under high force and allows the rider to get away when the rider stands up or locks himself in order to prevent a potentially fatal mishap. With spring lock on the neck to guarantee an equal fitting every timed use of the holster.

Stonger than leathers! Handmade from high quality 1" nylon fabric, which doubles for 2 x thickness and has snap fasteners and ring for additional..... This is a groundbreaking way to keep your horses securely tied at all times, even when you're not there. Wearable and re-usable, Safe-T-Tie is a.....


When you buy this holster you get a second detachable headband for FREE! Just put the holster of your choise and an extra krone in your shopping basket and we will rebate the Krone for you! The nylon holster is stitched with an abrasion-free upholstery on the noseband and the head. Breakaway function provides more security, while the many bright colour choices allow you to adjust your stacking or stable colours!

The double adjustment head and the nosepiece provide an individual fitting for your horses. The nylon is smooth and smooth, does not scratch or scour. Supplementary functions:

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