Nylon Team Harness

Team harness/nylon harnesses

Manufactured like our other team harness, only it is made of nyln instead of organic. Manufactured like our other team harness, only it is made of nylon instead of organic. Cobb Black Nylon harness.


This beautiful handmade watch comes in white, orange, blue, orange, yellow, green etc. 4 " x 7" is a great way to test your dog for a necklace! Smooth and long-lasting. The neckband can be unhooked during regular use. This necklaces are filled with PVC straps and a microfibre inside, with small straws, no need to oil, will not dehydrate. not as costly as leathers !

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Materials Options: Nylons: Belt strap is a thick weave in the form of a shallow stripe or hose with different widths and fibres, made of particularly high-strength materials such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene. The strap is lightweight and powerful at the same time. Made of PVC and printed with grained leathers for a credible replacement to leathers.

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Receive a warning with the latest adverts for "team horse harness" in Ontario. Sell for $1200 Open to trading for a lone horsedrawn car in good condition :) May contain team harness..... These are older Bio-Thane tableware with little or no abrasion. Hises are 24" to 26".

That light harness would do a good job..... The harness is designed for riding a lone rider or a team. Tracked team linen, singles linen, chest cuffs and hames with buckles. Nice design team show tableware for sal. Three straps British with 27 inches neck. The Harness also comes with long, sturdy leashes and a.....

Team harness with three Brits and 24" to 26" ham - used on Belgian x Quarter Horse - little use - no abrasion - good looking leathers - price: $ 750,00. Others train sets and .... Team harness made of genuine cowhide suede with 3 Brits and 24" to 26" ham.

Attractive, neat belt without abrasion - little use - good general use. Also other team belts....

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