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Horse off the tracks page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. Away from the tracks horse rating and status. Away from the slopes - Horse Pletcher's contingency for Super Saturday on October 8 "all set" Ectot came out of his win in class 1, $ 500 $...

.. After a Saturday case in Kentucky Downs, Jockey..... Breakin' up his first Sunday in Belmont Park, 2-year-old..... The Southern Phantom, with his whitey face and eyes full of blues.... Breakin' up his first Sunday in Belmont Park, 2-year-old.....

The Southern Phantom, with his whitey face and eyes full of blues.... At the beginning of this weeks, at the introduction of Horse Racing Nat.....

Search policy for your off-track thoroughbred horse

Buying a thoroughbred outside the railway, a Quarter Horses, a stallion imported from Europe or a baby breeze is never simple. And you know her family tree, her racial balance and her former masters. In contrast to other horses, their history can be thoroughly investigated. The combination of the racing records with observation in a pre-emptive test gives you insight into the probability that you will stay healthy in the event you choose.

As you know, they have been rode every day and have witnessed the desensitising impact of racetrack living, involving permanent manual work, blacksmithing, veterinary work, navigation, packaging, swimming, boating, tractors, masses of people and driving in society. In today's former racing horse markets, price levels are often distorted by the actual commercialisation of other races and the perceived undesirability of these horses.

Those horses are reared and reared to be the most workable, stylish, diverse and sincere beings on the planet, and few can ignore that they are the funniest horses to be ridden anywhere. A lot of the resources in this list provide thoroughbred at all stages of education in second career.

RRP's on-line horses list contains many of these horses, and buying in the TCA Thoroughbred Makeover of the RRP is a great way to see a large number of horses with workouts. The following are hints to keep in mind when using the resource in this list to find your next one.

No matter how hard it is to judge a stallion by photograph, movie and descriptive text, it is a starting point. If it is done efficiently, it will protect you, her and the horses in the long run. Racing tracks are not the best place to rate saddle horses, but for an expert purchaser it can work.

Students can observe the training of horses in the mornings and the races. Unless you are a certified training horseman, you cannot mount the horses, and running usually takes place on the sidewalk outside the barn, where horses seldom show much of their own movements. And if you are fortunate enough to have a KANTER section near you, their helpers can help you get in touch with instructors to see horses.

The telephone numbers of the coaches can usually be obtained from the riding offices along the route, which is why we have added these offices to this list. When you see a horses in a running or workout in the mornings that you want to provide, you are free to do so, but do not suppose the coach wants to do that.

And if the reply is no, don't delay giving your name and number when the horse's race is over. If you are assessing a stallion on the course, you are welcome to ask about temper, health and past injury, but use your own judgement about the value of this information.

While some coaches will show you X-rays and ultrasound, others may be offended by the question. Place yourself in their position and in most cases you will find that they are just anxious for the right home for the right one. Getting away from a stallion with finite possibilities can be hard.

When you can't withstand the urge to buy every single one you see, you probably shouldn't be shopping at the track. allows you to enter the name of a thoroughbred racing champion and gives you free entry to pedigrees and racing history. You can also view the horse's racing video for a small charge.

Examine this information before looking at a pony, and ask why the pony had pauses from the race, ran well, ran poorly, etc. This is a way to begin the discussion about the story of the stallion and can provide useful information. Enquire about the horses you are interested in along the route.

Especially sportsmen and women have gained precious knowledge about how not only the horses they are riding but also those they see every day are cantered by their colleagues. Our stables can also give you an idea of which horses might have the desired spirit. When you are the socially minded person, remember that a team is a team of professionals where everyone has a task to do and a speed to keep up with.

When you are a passionate rider, a well-run team will quickly inspire you. You can send a short self- and purpose related short report of the searched animal by e-mail to local organisations and farmers in this list or publish it in public publications. Such information is more useful for farmers and organisations whose horses have already begun their second career than for race car drivers and instructors.

Research on osteoporosis and band thickness has shown that horses that undergo movement control at an early stage of life tended to be more powerful with aging. A number of professionals believe that a race riding and retiring rider is better able to cope with the stresses of his second race than a specially raised rider in the same sport.

No one can tell you whether a saddle will remain healthy in the years to come, but inflexion testing, x-rays, histories, ultrasonic imaging, and a variety of other diagnosis aids can provide information that contributes to this quiz. Veterinarians will say that the front knuckles are the most strained ankle in a racehorse and that losing and calcifying the cartilages in them can be one of the most unlikely ways to get better over the years.

Then there are the humans who let the outside of the horses and its story tell for them. When you are a beginner in this sport, get good advise from someone with previous knowledge. Certain humans earn their livelihood with horses and horsemen. Most of them are also trainer and instructor.

When you hire a pro to help you find a suitable mount, make sure he or she has race riding expertise and good relationships. With a good broker, you will check the on-line listing you want, see horses with you, ask the right question and spare yourself the hassle of finding inappropriate horses.

Horses included in this list are former race horses for purchase or adopted. The majority have worked with the horses since the race, know something about their eligibility for a second career and can observe them riding and riding themselves. They will find a number of features of excellence in relation to education and equipment.

Remember that good horses can be found in apparently poor places and that horses can be wrongly displayed even in the most beautiful sheds. Remember, if you "buy" into a charitable after-care institution that you take over instead of buying directly. The majority of users of screens levy adoptions below fair value and incorporate conditions in their agreements aimed at protecting the equine animal in the long term.

The majority of these organisations take horses back as needed, and some have limitations on reselling them. The RRP 2014 poll found that horses purchased in the last two years are twice as likely to come from a non-profit after-care organisation as horses purchased six or more years ago. Their number and capacities have grown thanks to financing from the Thoroughbred Charities of America, ThoroughbredAftercare Alliance, Blue Horse Charities, ASPCA Rescuing Racers Initiative and others.

It is important to realise that the roles of a non-profit after-care organisation or rescuer are different from those of a farmer or an individuals in the for-profit field, whether in the purchase or placement of a product. These terms differ from company to company and are listed in each index, but are fully described in adoptions agreements.

As with farmers and instructors in the business world, after-care and emergency services differ in the level of service they deliver and the efficiency of the education they deliver. Where TCA has financed or approved organisations by the Thoroughbred International Association for Accreditation. They both indicate that the companies have shown the efficacy of their work.

As the work of RRP and others is efficient and off-track thoroughbred horses gain momentum and value, there will be more opportunity for trainer operators and equestrian salespeople to do so. Specialists included in this list differ in their skills and abilities. A few buy horses off the track, exercise them and resell them when their value has risen to a value that rewards their investments.

A few will practice for a charge and then resell as the owner's agents after the horses have achieved a standard of instruction that will increase their value and make their futures safer. Equestrian professionals are an invaluable source for race riders who want their horses to receive top value instruction that increases their value and prevents them from becoming undesirable in the long run.

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