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Determining the value of old books You have an old or antique novel and want to know its value? Do you think it may be a scarce and precious work, but you don't know where to find its value? Our website is well known by books lovers and readers and an ideal source to discover a coarse value of an old work.

Look thoroughly and prevent misspellings. Please use the above form - first fill in the form titled and name. Have a look at the books and find the editor of the books - fill in the publishing space, but omit words such as limit, firm or media. Where possible, indicate the date of publishing of the work.

When you are uncertain, you can look for books between two data definitions - e.g. 1870 and 1880. Specify whether the cover is hard or soft. Check the appropriate boxes if the cover is rigid and has a protective cover. Once the autographed copy has been received from the publisher, check the appropriate boxes.

So if the publication was in 1970 or later, you can look for the ISBN number alone. Results will be displayed first at the bottom rate. Browse through the offers and see how the books were described by the bookshops. Find an offer similar to your own one.

Keep in mind that an old or ancient manuscript is not necessarily precious just because it is old. General books such as the works of William Shakespeare, books of prayers, Bible books and encyclopaedias were published in large numbers during the Victorian period and usually have little value. When you really need a fully substantiated valuation of the carrying amount (for estate or assurance purposes), go to your nearest bookstore and make a payment for a solemn valuation.

An old battered old ledger that falls apart will have little value. Initial issues are coveted by bookshops and an initial issue is usually more precious than a later print. An initial issue autographed by the original owner will have an even higher value. In bound books released from the twentieth centuries on, the existence of a protective cover and its state also have a major influence on the value.

For those who find it difficult to understand some of the terminology used by occasional bookshops, read our vocabulary, which also contains a guideline on the requirements and size of books used.

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