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Ancient colts for sale

Store Colt guns and Colt revolvers for sale. Guns and Revolvers for sale Colt weapons have revolutionised the trade in commercial weapons since their inception in the mid-nineteenth centuries. Established in 1836 by US industry magnate Samuel Colt, Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company (now known as Colt's Manufacturing Company) is recognized as instrumental in the revolutionary's success and success in the marketplace and has been building weapons of excellence ever since.

Check out our continuously updated stock of Gun Weapons and Gun Turrets for sale or see a complete listing of our new additions. modern-wrapper #sort').closest('form').unwrap(); $('.modern-wrapper #sort').unwrap() }*/ setTimeout(function() { $('select').uniform(); },10); },10); Colt Government Argentine Navy .45 ACP caliberol pist. 1927 model Argentine naval gun, inscribed " Marina Argentina " on chute.

Gun Gold Cup Trophy .45 ACP calibre. Disc type with handle case and magnetic well in perfect shape with case and mag. Gun 1903 pocket hammer.38 ACP calibre gun. Goverment Colt.45 ACP calibre gun. This is a 1916 business style car. An early and nice early trade regime..... Goverment Colt.45 ACP calibre gun.

Prewar 1933 version. This is a high-quality government scheme at a sensible cost..... Genuine Gun with . 22 LR calibre. Prewar ace with individual Ni and Golden finishing with very good mechanical handles and wood case. NATO M4 5.56 (C14115) New. NATO M4 5.56 Calibre Carbines.

Nouveau GOLT M4 karabiner with BCM handles, Vltor shaft and Geissele MK4 M-LOKrail. Complement 1862 Police.36 calibre gun.

Gun Revolver - Antique for sale

cott new service, 45 colts hole awarded. large patient, closes tightly and large shooters only needs a tlc home. Ancient & Modern Firearms, Inc. Ancient & Modern Firearms, Inc. Award-winning, genuine 7-shot open top pistol in full specification. The 1875 model Open Top is equipped with a 2 3/8 Zoll barrels, plain lacquered walnut handles, salesman:

Ancient & Modern Firearms, Inc. Ancient & Modern Firearms, Inc. $1,795. Color new line revolver, 32 cal., 2 " 2 " wmv, exc. chequered birds heads, 80% nickle, good cond. Ancient & Modern Firearms, Inc.

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