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The books, especially about horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, riding. Horse and pony books we liked to grow up with. Classical horse books Most of our clients are looking for old, out-of-print and difficult to find securities.

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We have 5 of our most popular fictional horse books | The Original Mane'n Tail - Animal Welfare

Tales revolving around three young women in a city in Virginia are exploring a passion for the horse that goes beyond mere thought that they are pretty animals. It' a classical tale that looks like a child's novel, but is actually much, much more. This is the ideal guide to awaken your interest and find out what makes each horse race different and different and how to recognise it.

Perpetuated by the Elizabeth Taylor movie from the 1944 novel, National Velvet is a real classics in every meaning of the term. There is no exhaustive horse books without Black Beauty. We are sure that we have misplaced some of your favourite books, let us know in the commentaries below which are your favourites.

Keeping your horse lucky and looking as good as any fictitious horse by using mane'n tail equine produce!

This is my top 10 horse book in children's literature.

And I really liked this because it was a great new notion about a little gal turning into a horse, and she tried to figure out if it was better to live like this. It'?s a great novel. It' s an isle named Thisby, where the ocean is home to the lovely but lethal Capall Uisce warhorses.

Every year in November there is a competition on the Capall Uisce beacon. Just like a guy in a story says: It' about Puck, a little gal who goes into the racing with her little bangs to try to keep her whole familiy together. It' about a young teenager travelling to the other side of the globe to step in her mother's shoes and visit the All-Star School and become the best horseman.

As Casey purchases a poorly treated horse for the US Dollars in her purse, she is resolved to pursue her dream and participate in the Badminton Horse Trials. However, she's having a hard time paying her horse's keep. Could she find a way to keep her $1 horse and get away from the shadow of her past?

Jill Hucklesby's Samphire Song When a teenager mother gets a new gig, she gets her own horse, her own horse. It' really thrilling, and you never know what's next. There would be no top horse books without this marvelous and captivating tale of Michael Morpurgo following Joey, a farmyard horse for sale to the military.

It' s a really old and probably out of stock volume, but it's one that I can't omit. Wherever everyone is riding, the protagonist, a young maiden, is desperately looking for a bangs. It'?s such an old novel, a horse costs only £50. Fascinating and fast-paced, this tale shows how a stellar racehorse can influence everything in a caring environment.

War Horse is one of the few tales the horse tells, and a time-less classical work. Are you okay with HorseLover3000? What horse would you say?

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