Old Horse Saddles

Ancient horse saddles

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Ancient Western Saddle

Ancient A. Stelzig Nut Cowboy 1890-1926 Westerns Houston Texas 14" Very very nice old nut, a true part of American cowboy-story. Good workmanship on the nut, some cracks in the leathers, the folded raw hides in the trees are still thick, the wools on the ground should be substituted..... A well made older used westernsaddle is for selling - made in the USA, but without manufacturer's brand.

These are the 22 " rock length saddles. 15 " hide seats. Although the nut is sturdy, it would require a full run through. TEXTA'S HANDMADE MARKED COWBOY COLLECTION SADDLE BY BOCK STIENER OF AUSTIN,TEXAS. BOCK WAS ONE OF THE BEST SADDLERS IN THE WORLD. IT'?S AN OLD BUT STRONG NUT.

THERE''S A GREAT DEAL OF EYE CANDY ON THIS BIKE. Punched Bona Allen nut. Ancient state. It'?s hard. It'?s hard. Need some care. Sizes 15 " fit, esophagus seems to be 5 " weighs about 28 "..... Beautiful 15 " old west style caliper with very little abrasion on caliper, sling and stapes.

Bohlin has produced a really lovely Bohlin produced Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Corona style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin style Bohlin is a Bohlin style Bohlin. Second-hand ancient nut. It' d be a good starting seat. A few carry, but still have a great deal of lives to live. For your information there is a wonderful, truly American, ancient, simple wooden bench at your disposal.

You are in good shape, do not fall apart, your leathers are still flexible. Completely ancient. It'?s hard. It'?s hard. Need some care. Antik Sattel for selling. There is a descriptive text on the picture from the antiques shop where it was bought as a present for me. At the moment have too many saddles and need to reduce my compilation to really use them .....

6-stringed, doubly stiched nut. Nelson C. H. began manufacturing saddles..... Magnificent hide, manufacturer on both side pockets labeled. There'?s an old cow bitch to sell. Altogether this is a nice bit of westerly story that has been thoroughly cleansed and maintained by myself. Westernskin.

THOMAS CD cases have nickel plated steel clasps, good working order, fully equipped with large LED cases. Pale auburn DE pockets on the suede, red..... Stamped emblem and marshal-style asterisk. The Skinny. 12" sit, 4" esophagus. To sell is an ancient side nut - manufactured in the USA.

These are the yoke details on the bottom of the fabric. 13 " fit, 4 " esophagus. 12 " fit, 4. 75 " esophagus. Sitting size: 15". Sturdy calf in cowhide wood. Sturdy cowhide finish. Elaborate leatherwork. A few signs of abrasion through use. Made by the renowned saddler S.C. Gallup, this stunning ancient horse carriage bears the stamp "S. C. Gallup, Pueblo, CO".

There is a lot of old and worn parts on the nut, and the woollen area on the bottom of the toilet..... This is a beautiful, neat, older, used westernsaddle for Sale from St. Louis, MO by Ozark-Leather Co. Here are the saddles in 26" heel. "Five " cowhide sitting. It has a massive boom as well as a chair and backrest.

Featuring a leather-covered wooden beam, half-QH beam and brass front riggin Dee. It' marked "FRED MUELLER MAKER DENVER, COLO" on the back shoe.....

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