Old Mac Horse Boots

Antique Mac Horse Boots

The Sizing & Fitting Info for the Easycare hoof shoe series for riders. The Old Mac G2 3 15/16" - 4 1/8" 4 1/8" - 4 5/16" 4 1/8" - 4 5/16" 4 5/16" - 4 ½" 4 5/16" - 4 ½" 4 ½" - 4 ¾" 4 ½" - 4 ¾" 4 ¾" - 4 15/16" 4 ¾" - 4 15/16" 4 15/16" - 5 1/8" 5 1/8" - 5 5/16" 5 1/8" - 5 5/16" 5 5/16" - 5 ½" 5 5/16" -

6 1/8" 5 15/16" - 6 1/8" 6 1/8" - 6 5/16" 6 5/16" - 6 11/16" 6 11/16" - 6 11/16" 6 7/8" 6 11/16" - 7 1/8" 5 " - 5 11/16" 5 " - 5 11/16" - 5 11/16" - 5 11/16" - 5 15/16" 5 11/16" - 5 What are Old Mac's Go2s used for?

An Old Mac's G2 boots are a tried and tested option for everyday use. Using the Old Mac's G2 during transportation will give your horse better grip. Q Can I use Old Mac's G2 for stamina? The G2 is specially developed for low and mid-mile drivers who drive up to 25 mph.

F What are the advantages for my horse and me when I use Old Mac's 2 Series? An Old Mac's G2' provides horseshoe suspension that helps avoid shock injury. F Are Old Mac's G2' convenient for my horse? That keeps the load on the horseshoe low and spreads evenly over the entire shoe, so that no area is subjected to focused load.

F Can I bet the Old Mac's alone on my horse? Yes, the convenience and practicality of the model means that anyone can use it. Q Where can I drive my Old Mac's Sync2s? You can drive anywhere, on any ground, at any pace, with 100% horse shelter.

F Can I switch off my horse with the Old Mac's Synchrophone? You can switch off your horse in the inflatable to get him used to riding or riding in the boots or to protect him. Do I have to start riding my horse into the Old Mac's quickly?

It is advisable to give your horse enough preparation to wear the axe. For the first tidy up your horse, just bring it out. Use the EasyCare boots (included), a veterinary pack or a small dressing during the early stage of using the cap.

Q Can I use the Old Mac's ATM over metallic boots? If you plan to use the glove over metallic boots, take the horse's foot measures after shoeing to make sure it is the right height. The 90-day repair/replacement guarantee expires if our boots are used over metallic boots.

F I appreciate that I can only replace boots that have not been used. What can I do to find out if the boots match without riding along? F Can I use the Old Mac's G2 as a dental boots? The G2 also serves as a therapeutic boots. Helps your horse to recuperate from abscess, foot injury, founders, navicular diseases, puncture and bruising of the soles.

These boots cannot be used as soak boots. Whenever possible, take the dimensions as soon as possible after a recent incision and take individual measures of each heel. Q How long can I keep the Old Mac's G2' on? They would look for chafing, clean the boots of dirt, let out the boots and the claw breath and then want to put the boots back on.

F Are the Old Mac G2 boots carried on all four legs? F Do the Old Mac's G2s match those of the Old Mac's family? No, please see the table of sizes for Old Mac's G2. Q Can I use the Old Mac's G2 for show jumps and events?

F Do Old Mac's G2s have good grip? An Old Mac's G2s have excellent grip on all terrains, which includes rugged mountain roads, streams, tarmac, soft crushed stone and damp grasslands where the horse can become unstable. The Old Mac G2's all-terrain soles express sludge, dust and rubble. F Can the Old Mac's G2 be soaked with water?

No, there are dewatering boreholes in the shoe insole.

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