Olympic Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping Olympics

"Cancel it or perish It is a sun-drenched days on the spruce meadows, in the shadows of the impressive snow-capped hills of South Alberta, where the expert and ecological crowds gather. Equestrians of all sizes and shades are dominated by horsemen from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Lebanon, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Japan and the remote parts of the world. This magnificent haloidoscope of an internationally renowned sports event is breathtaking and unmistakably unique. But on a week-end when the IOC decided to launch a new list of sporting efforts to draw the minds of a younger breed of supporters, there are rumours.

There is an awareness on the emerging lawn under the big clear skies that jumping must stay on the ground while making do with the development of the Olympic programme, which now also covers disciplines such as windsurfing, 3:3 baseball and skateboarding. "It' s either death or change," said John Madden, who operates a stables that has created some of the best riders in the whole wide globe, both animals and humans.

Among them was his spouse Elizabeth (known as Beezie), who won four Olympic championships in the course of her Olympic careers. "When we ever loose the capacity to have our game at the Olympics, I don't even want to think about the downswing that would mean for our whole industry," said John Madden with a smile.

" He is also the first vice-president of the International Riding Federation (FEI) and was significantly involved in the fact that show jumping has changed the size of the Olympic Games competition group. "You' re telling me about a sports success where you're puzzled about your score," said Madden. "While Madden and other like-minded people in the horse riding community were able to push through the size changes at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris or Los Angeles, many equestrians who prefer traditions are not overjoyed.

"Ian Allison of Spruce Meadows, who is also chairman of the Alliance of Jumping Organizers, said: "All disciplines have to develop in order to be on the market. "It is possible to make changes in order to honour traditions, but also to gain a new support. There are 150 different horse riding associations in the world.

These changes mean a greater chance for more banners and more jumping crews to come to the Olympic Games. "But more than a simple amendment of the rules is needed to secure the long-term viability of show jumping on the Olympic platform. Thomas Bach, the IOC' s Chairman, has made great efforts with his 2020 programme to welcome the changed look of the programme, which now covers a wide range of disciplines including half courtsketball, rock climbers, free-style BMX biking and carath.

"Universal is important," Madden said. "We' ve got to develop our sports in places like Asia. It is important that we find a way to move around the globe more easily and to put more human beings at the mercy of what these competitors can do. She is a 24-year-old ascending champion who has double American-Japanese nationality and has chosen Japan because there is a better opportunity for her to form the Tokyo Olympic Games squad, but also because there is a way to bring about changes.

"Horseracing is enormous in Japan, but jumping is very low," said Polle. "It is a nice sports and one of a kind. Tokyo Olympics are an excellent way to raise consciousness. "A map that all Olympic riding events such as jumping, training and cross-country can use is the increasing demand that sports should be seen as a quest for equality between men and women.

By incorporating mixed-gender relay teams in swim, track and field, as well as the new disciplines, almost 49 percent of the Tokyo 2020 Games will be femal. "Agenda 2020 is about equality between men and women, and we are the advocates of equality between men and women," said Madden.

In fact, horse racing, which has been taking place at every Olympic Games in Stockholm since 1912, is the only discipline in which men and men fight for the same Olympic title on the same playing area. This has been the case in show jumping since the 1956 Games in Melbourne, Australia.

This is the ideal situation for the entire game. "While it is physiologically not possible for men and females to face each other directly in any discipline, the merit of equestrianism is that it has long been a pioneer in the promotion of its champion, regardless of age.

This is true for both horse and rider, where both the stallion and the mare have won Olympic play-off. It' always been like this with our game and that is what matters," said Madden. "We have adopted the principles of show jumping as a triumph for a high level, ethic game. "Spruce Meadows is known for its exciting equestrian sports, which unfold with a not inconsiderable degree of play.

Males and females have found their way into the winner's group, as well as sportsmen from different countries and years. It' all feeling so... Olympic. "Participants in this game are aiming for the Olympics," said Madden. "Every little gal I know who dreamed of going to the Olympics and not earning much cash.

" To keep this fantasy going means for Polle that jumping has to be changed over time and that the sports she likes will become more open to more PE. "She said, "If that's the way we can keep our game at the Olympics, then I'm all for it.

"It was always the Olympic Games for me.

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