Olympus Horse Feed

Olympic horse feed

The Olympus feeds Australasia, Maryborough, Victoria. Well, that's it. WORLD CLASS FEED & SUPPLEMENTS FOR HORSES AND PONIES. It is the best tool in horse feeding and I tell all my friends to use it.

Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant that is important for the horse's immune, cardiovascular, neuromuscular and circulatory systems.

Sports and motion capture

Big sport and actions shots are uncommon but that doesn't mean they're hard to take. Photo journalists stress again and again that great sport photos come to life from the proximity. Long-length objectives bring you nearer without getting in the way of the match. The Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds formats are twice as similar to the 35mm size for the same focus length.

The new M.Zuiko Digital 75-300mm II and Zuiko Digital 70-300mm objectives, for example, are 600mm objectives in comparison to a 35mm movie size objective. Use of a higher value of ISDN will cause sport activity to be frozen, as higher exposure times can be used. Using long focus objectives reduces blur caused by higher exposure times.

The majority of Olympus DSLRs and all PEN and OM-D series have image stabilization technologies (IS technology) that move the image sensors in order to correct shaking, which means that all objectives used in these types have image stabilization. The Olympus Scene View can also have a DIS and/or SPORT modes, which also increase sensitivity to auto-IOs.

When taking sport shots, use the continuous autofocus (C-AF) or continuous autofocus + manual focusing (C-AF+MF) focusing types. C AF continuously tracks the sharpness of a still image as long as the shutter-release button is pressed partway down. This focusing feature also activates predictive autofocus, which predicts the next focal point of a still image.

D-AF+MF enables the AF ring on the objective so that the auto focuses can be focused on the objective and the user can adjust the focal point by hand. We do not recommend C-AF auto focusing for still images because the camcorder expects changes in scene movement and speed. If the recording state of the camcorder is Sequence Capture, recording continues while you press and release the trigger.

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