One Ear Western Bridle

One-Ear Western Bridle

You can add a versatile bridle option to your inventory by buying a single-ear headpiece or bridle from Schneiders. Harness Tory Leather Snap Single Ear Headstall. Westerns One-Ear Headstalls & Bridles - Schneider's Single-ear leathers workout and working fringes and head pieces are perfect for exchanging bit for use on different types of riders. When you or your saddle has to fight traditionally western bridle, a single-ear headjoint can be the solution. Rather than a headband, these particular fences have a sling around a horse's ear to hold the reins in place.

It is so straightforward to put on and take off and is a good option for horses confused by conventional headband hems. The Billy Royal single-ear headpieces from Schneider are certified by top coaches and yet so inexpensive that you can equip your whole group. Single-ear western workout, ride and work heads are available and are handmade from grade A grade leathers that are grated and lubricated by the hands to give an already broken feeling.

Several headpieces are also immersed in oils by hands, which gives them a longer life and a beautiful sheen. Perhaps if your mare tends to shake or throw his skull, you want a single-ear headpiece with a neck strap that makes it harder for her to take it off. A two-ear headpiece is another optional feature, which is hooked in over both sides for added safety.

The single-ear headpieces have a wide range of bit-end choices and some have flare-outs. They are all equipped with robust fittings and clasps that can equally resist the loads during practice and trailer-racing. If you want an appropriate turn that will eliminate the guessing in the selecting procedure, get a one-ear workout kit with headpiece and rein.

Each single-ear Western headpiece comes with a 100% customer experience warranty and is shipped free with qualified orders. Schneider has been in the Schneider group since 1948 and is always working to offer you the best offer for the best headpieces and hems.

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