One Stall Horse Barn

A stable horse stable

This is a proposal for the design of the shed stables. We are flexible in the arrangement of the walls and the layout of the stable. The small modular stable was built with only one stable. When it comes to work, hiring a general contractor for the construction of a barn is one of the most expensive options.

Horse stables | Pine Creek structures

We at Pine Creek Structures know that a horse is more than a passion. The amic artisans have a long history in horse breeding and care. What better person to construct your stable than men who work with and rely on the horse every day and know the needs of the horse!

Your stable will not only look good, but also suit your own needs and the needs of your horse. It is possible to adapt your stable to produce practically any floor plan by mixing enclosures, saddle rooms and closed stables. Horse stables offer your pets protection from snows, winds, rain and the most intense of sunlight.

The stables offer year-round cover for the animals such as the horse, pony and others. There are many applications beyond the simple sanctuary. Pictured board & slat cladding with mushrooms and Barwood-shingle. Contains (2) Run In areas with gabled ends and drip cap. Pictured with Tan Board & Batten sidings, Green trimming, and Pewter Gray shuttles.

Contains (3) Run In areas with 4' excess. Illustrated with incomplete board & batten sidings and shakewood shuttles. Closed barns are ideal for hot climate zones and areas with restricted available area. You can use it in your own garden, on the racetrack or as a team. And you can even include a saddle room to keep all your equipment!

An additional projection allows you to define a room for cleaning the machine, attaching or stacking it. Closed stables are well vented and allow the horse to see each other while they are kept apart. Contains (1) stable, (1) saddle room and (1) windows with gabled ends and dome with horse weather vane.

Pictured with Tan Board & Batten sidings, Green trimming, and Hunter Green shield. Contains (2) stands and (2) windows. Illustrated with clear pickled board & batten sidings and Charcoal shuttles. Contains (2) stands, (1) middle tack room and (2) windows with gabled ends and 4' overhangs. Illustrated with natural pickled board & slat cladding and Fox Hollow Gray tiles.

Combinate a run-in with a closed barn for a truly multi-faceted texture. Combined horse stables allow you to use a spacious stowage area combined with a refuge! Include saddle rooms, partitions, stands and more! Assume the size of a shed and the size of a closed barn. Contains (1) inlet area and (1) saddle chamber with ventilation option.

Illustrated with incomplete Board & Batten sidings and Pewter Gray shuttles. Contains (1) stable, (1) drive-in area and (1) windows with gabled ends. Illustrated with Clear Pickled Board & Batten sidings and Weathered Wood Signs. Contains (1) stable, (1) drive-in area, (1) saddle room and (1) windows with gabled ends, dome and 4' overhangs.

Illustrated with Natual pickled board & slat cladding and Williamsburg slate screens. Protect yourself and your pets Lean-To Horse bars offer not only protection, but also convenience! Surpluses offer security, liberty and are so comfortable. Allow your horse the liberty to get out without subjecting it to hard knots. Stream-To Barn available in 8-, 10- and 12-feet.

Are you looking for a bigger stable? According to your requirements we construct a stall, supply and install it or construct directly at your site. Big Monitar Horse bars can be constructed with a heightened central island or a second floor. It provides good aeration, additional light and a safe area from adverse conditions to take good charge of your horse.

Design your barn according to your needs..... It is a secure, appealing and comfortable home for pets. Speak to your regional store managers about how you can customise a barn to meet YOUR needs. Fitting is the keys to the construction of your barn. Speak to your retailer about how to adapt a barn to YOUR needs.

Equestrian stables included: An open bottom except for saddle rooms. Saddle chamber flooring includes 2x6 pressure-treated beams, 16'''' in the middle and 5/8''' underlay on the bottom beam. Please click here to see the colour variations of the horse barn and the roof.

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