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Recently published pages list which new books have recently been added or updated. BOOKLISTS More than 50,000 items have been added to our "curated collection", which we have processed ourselves. Most of the remainder can be found on our "extended shelves", items provided by other organisations and exported in large quantities. The books we have listed should at least be free for non-commercial use. Also see books that are currently in preparation or are being ordered.

You can begin to read a story by either click on its heading or choosing it (or on the descriptive key that indicates where it is if you are looking at a detailled story or if you are viewing a story with more than one link). In our archive and indices you will find special websites that enumerate text that does not (or not yet) appear separately in our indices.

There you will also find books in foreign language in non-European writings (if they are not on our expanded shelves). If you are looking for online books that are not free (or some less traditional online books that are), visit the Ebook online marketing platform on Wikipedia.

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Unless otherwise stated, most of the books available here are in the public domain and can therefore be downloaded, used, reused and remixed regardless of copyrights. However, the type of holdings in the libraries can make it hard to establish ownership rights. Further information can be found on our page on copyrights and re-use.

Also known as "Histoire des ?iseaux paints dan tous", this book contains nice hand-coloured bird stitches by Fran├žois Nicolas Martinet. Hugo Gernsback's Hugo Gernsback published a blockbuster technological journal that ran from 1913 to 1920 and contained sci-fi tales and a string of essays by Nikola Tesla.

Available in Japan with a caption in German and French.

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Born and raised in the mountainous southeast of Queensland, Kate Morton now resides in Brisbane with her husbands and three young boys. A graduate in drama and English literary studies, she specialises in 19th centuries tragedies and modern Gothic novel. Selling over 10 million units in 33 different tongues in 38 different states.

This is Kate Morton telling the story of her new novel The Lake House to Bootopians. In search of great comedy? With more than half a million books to select from online, Booktopia is sure to have you finding your next favorite novel. Select from award-winning literary works, childrens books, classical crimes, phantasy fi sh, the best love stories, great Aussie literary works, modern day fi tts and more.

There is a great deal in the realm of fantasy, and we are here to help you find the best novel for you.

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