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We placed (and payed for!) our order on 27 June after confirming that the online store was shipping to our final location (Europe, outside the UK). We had no order acknowledgement on July 3rd and my husband phoned customer service to verify the order state.

Customer support agent informed him that he had a problem with one of the articles, but this has been fixed and the articles will be shipped the next morning - 04 July. A few and a half years later, on July 7, we had to call again because we still didn't have a shipment number.

It hasn' t been shipped yet - now they had trouble with the messenger. Once again, they pledged to send the articles by the end of the working week. This was not the only thing, but the workshop salesman who responded to my e-mail complaints tried to accuse the messenger. Following an e-mail correspondence between us, the online store and the messenger, the articles were sent to us and arrived on 20 July, almost a months later.

A few month ago I ordered a 1765 copy and got it 2 workingdays after I ordered and payed. Terrible services and impolite folks.

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