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Sattels, Bridles, Bits, Horse Blankets, Reins, Jeans, Shirts, Cattle Saddles, Western Saddles, Saddlecloths, Boots, Hats, Headbands, Spurs, Whips, Gifts, Strafford Saddlery is the leading equestrian equipment in Vermont. Equipped with an abundance of accessories for horse equipment. Saddle room has everything for horse and rider! At the moment we have a very small selection of our selection online, please call us or visit the shop for more information! It began storing saddles and accessories for mid-price buyers.

The Strafford Saddlery Shop - Green Mountain Horse Association

The Strafford Saddlery is the leading horse business in Vermont. Equipped with an array of accessories for horse gear. The Strafford saddlery and our online tackle store are the complete suppliers for your horse outfit. The search for the right horse is one of the most important investment you can make in equestrian sports.

Selling and sorting new and used Bates, Wintec, Collegiate, Stubben, Barnsby and Barnsby used and stocked dressage tacks. Find the ideal horse for you and your loved one. With our expert personnel we can help you with the fitting and all our seats are available for test rides. Members of GHAHA get a 10%* discount on GHA member days when they show their member cards in the Strafford Saddlery Registry!

Membership discount coupons can also be collected from the General Membership Coupons Administration (GMHA) offices.


in our shop: Explore our shopping centre inner city, in Houghton, Michigan! Please click on the "About us" button for more information and to see our opening times in our stores. You' re too preoccupied to go see our façade of bricks and tiles? Buy online from the convenience of your home! Please take your used seat with you today and sale it here!

Our mailings are also advertised online and we have a high sales volume!

Give 877-41-HORSE a call or arrange an online consultation.

"I have never rode in a more comfortably shaped horse than my County Perfection and the differences in my horse are notable. "I' m very pleased with my County Perfection. Respect, my Grand Prix Grand Prix Grand Prix gelding, has always been very flexible and therefore jumping - this seat has made sitting much simpler for him.

Immediately I realized that respect was freer in the shoulders and smoother in the back when I changed to perfection. Because I can go deeper and be more effective at riding, it gives him the trust and encouragement he needs as a first year Grand Prix horse. I just feel sorry that I didn't try the bike sooner in his life because I am sure that it would have made both our life simpler!

"Country Saddles are the most tuned and fitted ones I've ever used. Actually, my horse performs better because of the tailored fitting of my country horse R. I' m more efficient because my legs are so calm and near the sides of my horse. And not only that, the seats are also the most comfy!

County seats mean there's practically no rupture. Improvements have been made in our training results when driving in a circle saddle.

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