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Our range includes affordable horse equipment, western saddles, English or Australian saddles, harnesses, riding clothes, decoration for the rider with a budget. On-line horse accessories & saddlery LONTIMULAR SHIPMENT lontimular shipment - For all orders over $150, except large, heavier or bulkier articles, which are billed at a $25 lump sum. The goods will, if possible, be sent by Australia Post Express Post. Allow up to 7 working day for stocked goods to be delivered within Australia once your goods have been shipped.

If you have any questions about ordering internationally, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Saddleworld Dural shall not be responsible for the lost or damaged shipments supplied by Australia Post or couriers. You can pay for the goods ordered online via PayPal, credit card or zippedMoney.

If you wish to modify or terminate your order, please call us immediately at (02) 9651 2337. The shipping costs are non-refundable. If you have a suspicion that your products are defective, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. It is at the suppliers own judgement whether the manufacturer is to blame or has abused the products.

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Equestrians are powerful, quick, intelligent, even-tempered and very sociable people. Each of the horse races and pony has its own specific features, such as colour, height, form, disposition, build and other unmistakable features. Over the course of time, people and the horse have built up a singular relation that largely depends on the needs of man.

Equine animals were used for travelling, herd keeping, hunting, war, transport, farming, business and industry, communications and relaxation as well as for many other uses and function. The particular connection between man and horse is still maintained today, as they are intensely used in various areas of daily living for recreational pursuits, sport, therapy, and work.

These are the most frequent places where humans and animals in our company interact: SportsEquestrian uses the horse as the major part of the game. These types of performance disciplines are training, events, jumping, horse races, horse races, rodeos, horse-polos and others. TreatmentEquine-aided therapies (EAT) programmes involve the use of horse and rider to help adult and child with specific needs or different types of disability.

PetsOne human beings regard their horse as a pet and make a particular link to this lovely being, which goes far beyond horseback-riding. Horseback Equestrian Training provides an thrilling, adventure, rewarding and funny adventure that will appeal to grown-ups and kids of all age groups. It is a very favourite pastime outdoors and a great way to discover the countryside and savour the landscape while connecting wildlife and human beings.

In order to ensure that the horse's body and soul are professionally cared for, it is necessary to find ways of maintaining its good and healthy condition, its functional ability and its ability to use its own resources. On-line dealers have a wide range of British and West European equestrian products, supplies, gear, riding clothes and accessoires to meet the needs of the horse and its owner.

Among the clients of these sites are horse-owning enthusiasts, horse trainer, breeder, amateur and pro horse rider, cowboy and cowgirl enthusiasts in general. Because horse stacking can be very costly for the medium sized user, especially for new horse owner, the purchase is simpler if the client has a good feel for what he is looking for.

Key factors such as what the buyer wants to do with the horse in relation to certain types of activity, what kind of horse rides he plans and what the function, the equipment, the size, type, price or favourite make are can be very useful to prevent disappointment.

Below are a few samples of some of the typically British and West horse accessories, gear and produce found in every horse accessories store: As well as the Wende, the horse riding shops have the following on offer: A lot of e-commerce websites in the store are accepting PayPal and accepting a wide range of other means of payments such as bank transfer, bank transfer, PayPal, debit and more.

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