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Every one of our new and used saddles can be viewed and purchased online - and all saddles undergo an eight-point inspection to ensure they are suitable for their purpose. Let us help you find the right saddle for you and your horse. Top quality saddles, made to measure and sewn in Spain. Looking for Saddle Blankets & Pads?

All-Mountain saddle series.

Fort Worth Saddle Company Sattel now online

Horseman's Supply provides the best purchase for new Saddles that you will find. The Fort Worth Saddle Company.... provides a new saddle at a fraction of what you would be paying for a Texas-built saddle. One of the best kept mysteries in the northern Texas equestrian society for a long time, the mystery has been revealed. Suppose you don't often find a U.S.-built Christmas tree break, but it CAN do.

For example, the running saddle shown above has a price of $1595. There will be thousand of a similar saddle from practically every Texan saddler. Well, we don't make trashy seats... but we fucking make trashy seats!

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Konvex Optimisation

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Specialised in individual tacks and after almost 10 years of riding we know the different equine demorphologies and their different needs.

Specialised in individual tacks and after almost 10 years of riding we know the different equine demorphologies and their different needs. To give you a well-fitting saddle, we offer you a personalised documentation with measurement directions for your horses. As well as the dimensions and information about you (size, activities...) we ask you to please submit us photographs of your own and your own being.

The saddle will be manufactured according to your and your horse's needs: labia width, labia upholstery, labia length, sitting position, labia length, labia block, calf pads, kind of leathers, colours and decoration. Saddle throat sizes and cushioning can also be changed later! Our company has a very cordial relation with our saddle forges and can provide you with a comprehensive after-sales repair or readjustment services.

When you decide on an adaptive trekking saddle, we will provide you with a documentation manual to help you tailor the trekking saddle to your specific use. In case you have any doubt about the saddle fastening of your trekker saddle, we are happy to help you with pictures and video clips. Whenever we can, we also pay customers frequent saddle fit inspections and tests in our stable and riding centres, but you may have to spend quite some time waiting.

When you see us at a local equestrian market near your city, this could be an opportunity to try out our horses! A further option is to bring trailer and saddle tests to our home in Spain. You will not only get a great feeling for all our horses, but you will also experience a fantastic equestrian experience in the centre of Spain.

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