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When you are not familiar with Dover Saddlery, they are a long standing catalog, online and showcase saddlery company. We currently have a small selection of goods, as well as our available backgauge models. We currently have a small selection of goods, as well as our available backgauge models. We have been in the shop for over thirty years, in the same place (more or less a hundred feet), and have supplied everything from primary care to individual clothes (horses and people) to locals and people.

Saddlery Dover - 11 reviews - equestrian equipment stores - 444 Center St, Moraga, CA - telephone number

Oh, I like this place! Everybody who works there was so kind, thoughtful and knowledgable. Uncompromisingly outstanding client services. All I' m complaining about is driving. I want you to open another shop in Palo Alto. They said that the item would be dispatched in a months time.

So I asked them to cancel the order. I' d buy it somewhere else. I' ve had the same experiences when I tried to order high heels for my daughters. I' ve been going to this shop for two years now and I've had a very good level of services every single moment I went in.

They have a great choice, but if there is something you don't want in the shop, they will be happy to do a research to get it for you and make provisions to ship it where it is comfortable for you (as Moraga is not a place well situated). I purchased a pair of shoes for my little girl, where we had to go back and forth with theizing.

One and a half years ago we were very short on a pair of helmets for a show, but they gave me a lender from another manufacturer in case my subsidiary should drop and immediately needs another one. Great customerservice! So if you're new to the horse riding industry or not familiar with some of our riding equipment, they usually have good reviews for you.

Nordstrom is always neat and orderly and their returns policies are great! "This shop in Dover is a place for a great buying environment for your horse riding equipment, and I can only advise it! A new horseman visits Moraga and we meet a shop in Dover Saddlery.

To be honest, to find a saddlery in the midst of overslept Moraga seems a little strange, but what a pleasant one. The shop is very well equipped with everything you can think of. My daughters tried on almost all her 1/2 chap just to find that they weren't right. Whenever a saleswoman (I use the word girls loose - young adults might be better) came by, she could find a good one.

It' great that you can go to a real shop, try things out and move on before you decide to buy. Oh, I like this place! Big selections, useful appointees and I can really try on material without wonders if its going to go to pass back and attend. And best of all, the same great Dover prizes!

Thanks to Paige for your excellent client services. I tried to get some big shoes in storage for Christmas and never got them. Ordering my height because they didn't have them in storage and telling me that they should be in storage within just over a weeks. More than a year later I get a call to say that my order has reached the shop, but when I go to get it, it's two different socks!

So, again, they ordered my greatness and explained to me that they should be in within a week...a second one. But after being so nervous about finding out that there was a real shop in Dover when I visited the area, I walked out today feeling disgruntled and empty-handed. The three staff members who stood at the checkout for half an hours had no interest in providing help.

I' m one of two clients in the shop. I wanted to buy new shoes, but honestly the experiences were so bad that I chose to go. You can order your articles online for a better shopping time. before christmas i ordered a set of big boot for my little girl. You reassured me that you would get them this weeks because you had proof that the boot was actually delivered to you.

Apart from that the shop has many basic items for the hunter-jumper community and not much more of everything else. Everyone who is in love with a horse and needs something and doesn't want to go online and has to take care of getting something and sending it back if it doesn't work.

When you are not used to Dover Saddlery, they are a long-standing catalogue, online and showcase saddlery companies. Moraga, recently opened, is a wonderful place and its services are truly first class, as is its stock. Today I just went in to try on some ready-made shoes.

I had Danielle help me with my high heels. Then she said she'd be back in a few moments to find a pair of my sized shoes. I' m out in my new shoes, and I have no regrets from the shopper. Thank you Dover! I' m so happy to have a shop around Dover Saddlery.

It' s bigger than I thought and almost like an upmarket skishop. There are more jodhpurs and men's shoes than any other place in the area. So you can see and believe them before you buy -- unlike online purchase.

You also have a large choice of new calipers - not to be miss. An enjoyable property of this store is that if they don't have the item in your dimension, you can order it and it will be dispatched to YOUR HOUSE without shipping fees, so you don't have to make a journey back to the business.

Every riding club is fortunate to have a well-stocked Dover saddlery, and we are hoping that it will thrive in its present home so that locals have a place to show up and buy the rarities that are difficult to find. P.S. If you are on a Roadtrip to the Bay Area to see Dover Saddlery, you should try to get to these two extra riding stations:

Arney and Crow Canyon Saddlery in Castro Valley is packed with calipers, bridles and accessories, German and American. Particulary look out westerly saddlery in Pleasanton -- it is a solid store of everything from blacksmith supplies to staples.

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