Orange Horse Halter

Yellow horse halter

The ORANGE horse halter is made of three-layer nylon. Yellow horse collars Embroidered boxes at the load points for more firmness and a curled neck for more comforts. Colour: Orange Navajo. LambTack Brasided Taped Halter, handdyed, braided and embroidered with beads, especially for your horse! Holster colours are selectable, so that the personalisation possibilities are not restricted!

Every holster is equipped with an 1800lb strong strap and can be adapted to every horse.

The halter comes with a suitable 8ft line. On the Facebook page you will find the latest images of all holsters. We use the highest grade materials: 9/16" braided yachting cable, genuine Parelli spring lock made of nickel-plated metal (also available in high-grade steal on request). Manufactured for outstanding power with high-quality shiny striped and heavy duty vinyl halter straps with a three-layer plank pattern.

With curled neck and wetsuit liner for more comforts. It is an adaptable single strap lacing. The 1 " holster has a comfy, adjustably designed, roll neck and fittings made of stainless steel and massive brasscovered metal. Jahrlingspferd Great. YEARLIGHT: Annual horse height.

Handcrafted and collapsible for convenience, power and elegance, these 1" diecast zink nylons have a brush-finished nickle surface. Stitched-in laryngeal bow is made of massive brashed stainless steel. SO YOU CAN ATTACH SEVERAL STALLIONS TO A ROPE BETWEEN TWO POLES WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE DOWN THE ROPE AND TIE THEM.

The 3/4 " holster has a practical, reclining pattern, a shallow collar and brass-coated fittings (with the exception of the beveled stainless, massive brazen larynx). A long snapper on the neck that rips open when the horse is hanged and pulled. Variable Crowns. Beautiful for a sales horse or for barns and switch halter.

PONY-HORSEHOLDER ORANGE. Hamilton, the world's best producer of Nylons, presents the 1" Quality Nylons Adaptable Horse Holder with push button. Made of 100% polyamide strap, massive brassbuckle and square, triple-thick design along the jaw, curled neck for extra convenience and stitched seams for more volume, longer service and longer lasting.

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