Origin of Horses

The origin of the horses

Nobody knows where the horses have their origin. The fossils show that during the Ice Age horses lived on all continents except Australia. Secret origin of domestized horses "turned on its head " by means of DNS analyses

Botai was the oldest known indigenous equine tribe that lived in the savannah of Middle Asia about 5500 years ago. On the other hand, according to genetic analyses of old and new horses, today's horses differ from Botai horses in that they exchange only about three percent of their pedigree.

Instead, researchers were amazed that the Botai populations actually produced the Przewalksi horses from Mongolia. Przewalski's horses are considered to be the only truly ferocious horses in the whole wide range, but the new study shows that this is not the case. Instead, this vulnerable species is the last remnant of a ferocious Botai horse breed and the first offspring of house horses.

"In the past, what we understood to be the world's last young animal was in fact the offspring of the world' s oldest house horses, which just got away from man and became deserted in the last thousands of years. "Besides exposing the prevailing theories of native origin, this study therefore implies that there are no pure horses anywhere.

"Botai men needed to administer the equine resources because they are the foundation of their existence," said Professor Alan Outram, an archeologist at the University of Exeter who has been excavating Botai culture for years. "Horses were probably even domestized for the first time in Botai because the horseback ride somehow made it easier to hunt horses.

Genetic research showed that Botai horses had "leopard spots" on their skins, presumably a look that their owner raised with their horses. This property, however, has been discarded in today's wild Przewalski horses. Probably the genes behind this pattern were raised from the populace because they were also associated with NT - something that would have eliminated native selectivity from the populace.

Concerning the young horses, researchers estimate that they came from 3,000 BC at the latest. Due to the shortage of well-preserved equine DNA from this period, however, its origin is still covered in a secret.

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