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Old Thoroughbred Ottb for sale

Registered Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Incentive Program ID No. He's built like a warmblood with the athletics of thoroughbred. Bits & Bytes Farm specializes in the placement and retraining of Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs). The Rerun is an industry leader in the rehabilitation of thoroughbreds after the end of their racing or breeding careers. Have a look at the OTTB's for sale in our classifieds!

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There are always a few thoroughbred ponies for sale at the Bits & Bytes Farms in the canton, GA. Those ponies are in education and were bought from the range to train and sell them from the yard. There is a limit on the number of horse we take with us each year, so we select the best of the best on the route to return to our Atlanta near Atlanta ranch.

We invite you to call us to find out more about our thoroughbreds, make an appointment and take a test drive with those who might be suitable. There are some specific examples of our horse that are not mentioned here. We' re very concerned about who gets one of our particular thoroughbreds.

We' re not a "sold" stable and they' re not rescuers.

Become the first to know what's going on at Bits & Bytes Farm! We have tested our prospects at the track as affordably priced, safer, healthier and healthier thoroughbred racehorses for the second career after the event. You can buy them at great rates on our track page on our prospectsorses.

They' re not rescuers. Those stallions are for sale by breeder, trainer and owner, who can inform us about the history of the stallions we sell. Full-blooded thoroughbreds that have been well nourished and looked after are much simpler to enter into a new lifestyle as a sportsman.

In contrast to the purchase of a lifesaving or " sold " stable hay, these hay have a well documentary story. Those ponies aren't at Bits & Bytes Farm. Those ponies need a new lease of life off the racetrack. Call us and we will help you to find a thoroughbred that is right for what you want to do.

Don't let us run racehorses! Our customers are offered phone assistance and trainings, and we even help them with reselling the product if it doesn't work out. Most of our purchasers buy thoroughbreds as projects to train and further them. On our websites we help to remarket these stallions and we do not bill any fees for these notifications.

Our thoroughbred vendors take charge of what happens to their ponies after the horse's race-carrier is over. They are promised a good home for their stallion and we are promised to publish the success stories on our website so that they know that the stallion is still secure. By signing our sales contract, you agree to keep in contact and let us know how you are doing.

There is no way we can coerce purchasers into providing photographs and tales, but we certainly trust that the kind of person we are selling our stock to will want to tell their tales. When you are just looking for a good value thoroughbred and don't bother where it comes from.... When it becomes necessary to market the product, we give free assistance and free consulting in the sale of the product.

Please ask the owners to tell us in their own words what it is like to own a Bits & Bytes Farm Off-the-Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). Please take the opportunity to browse our Success Histories on this page and then visit our affiliate website: to see the latest tales about the horse we have sold:

It will give you a better grasp of thoroughbred breeding and the human beings who own it. Success stories can help you determine whether a thoroughbred is right for you. The site is full of advices and practice hints for the re-education of Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs). FREE phone assistance and FREE practice for those who buy Bits & Bytes Farm off-the-track thoroughbreds.

And if you have bought your whole blood elsewhere, you will find a lot of useful information, exercise tips and nutrition tips on this page. Often you only need a little help at the start of the race and we are here to help. It is possible to have your horses brought to our yard or, if you stay in the area, you can join us for a few week or a longer while.

The Bits & Bytes Farm has many great features for the purchase of your next thoroughbred. Call us and we can talk about the benefit of your next thoroughbred purchase on the Bits & Bytes Farm. Maybe you would like to have your new thoroughbred trained at Bits & Bytes Farm for a few week (s) or month(s) or would like to familiarize yourself with your new horses and some of our technique.

When you are fortunate enough to live near the Bits & Bytes Farm, come and keep your thoroughbred in the pension, which is specially tailored to the needs of thoroughbred breeders off-piste. They don't have to have thoroughbreds to get on the Bits & Bytes farm. Even your not purebred Gelding can profit from our feed and exercise programmes.

and we want the best for them. Our aim is to learn and train our stallions in a relaxing and non-pressurized setting - no theatre permitted. It is the place to escape the stresses of your everyday lives and share your passion with like-mindedsters.

Learn more about boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm just North of Atlanta, Canton GA.

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