Outshine Horse Feed

Outhine horse feed

Outshine Baileys High Oil Supplement Categories: Outshine is an easy-to-feed, stain-free, pelleted oil supplement containing a blend of soy and linseed oils that promotes excellent condition, coat shine and performance. Bailey's Outshine????

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Havent begun to feed Baileys outshined to get some beef/coat gloss on some of the teenagers but considered the feed recommendations and for sec A I would have to feed 450g per day and for my sec 900g sec D and thats just for gaining more importance when it comes to there in easy work!

Yeah I do - I don't use in outdoor light, but my boyfriends at the yard do and use only a cup max! I have a boyfriend who works at Jerome Harforth's farm and they take an oath! I have a boyfriend who works at Jerome Harforth's farm and they take an oath! As with any feed, I think you only have to work out the best amounts that will give you and your horse the best results.

I' ve found that Bayleys #4 is radiant at getting wt and fitness on along with all the other fiber founded things I use. I bought Bailey's No 4 to get a little extra on Foxx. How about using Prep Blend and soybean seed or flaxseed flour? Surely much better than to spend a fortune on Outshine for them, even with rose powders, so that they get the most out of their food.

Outshine was fed as staple food for our ex-racer because he was susceptible to bondage and it was helping him, we had to feed a lot and it took us a fortune. What a shame! The flax seed flour I feed and my Ponys have had the most amazing jackets and hides since I have begun to use it, it is a cheapest way to do it.

Allen and Page, I am now swearing by the rest and condition as well as the fast fiber. An old female mare who hibernates has appeared to have the best body mass she has had since switching to these foods for a while - would definitely suggest the C&C and FF for body mass gains.

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