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About Reach Boots

Long-lasting ballistic nylon outer cover and binding make these bellboots particularly robust and able to cope with the daily abuse of riding in every discipline. Choose and adjust bell boots. Bark or overreach boots are used both under the saddle and during the switch to protect horses from overstretching, which can lead to injuries or pulled shoes.

Overreach boots - Schneider's

This is a safety precaution that no rider should be without! Boot with bucket and boots designed to prevent hoof overstretching and damage during crossover, training and education. Have a look at our large range of boots with safety bells to keep your horses healthy and fit. Glockenstiefel, also known as Ɯberreach boots, are a cost-effective way to help your horses avoid potentially serious injury due to overstretching and impairment of the rear legs during crossover and ride.

If you use boots with bells, the number of injured horses is significantly decreased. Overlapping boots or boots with bells are covering the front legs of the horses, fit over the ankle, coronal strap and horseshoe and reach to the heels. It provides coverage in case of overrange. It also protects the coronal ligament of the animal when the animal steps on its own toes during certain exercises such as jumps, lungeing or working on mudsy surfaces.

Dura-Tech's corrugated two bucket boots with dual locks offer robust cushioning, and the thick elastic strap keeps spillage from occurring during impact absorption. You sit safely, with strengthened dual padlock Velcro?. You will also find double-lock boots with soft padded linings that help keep you from rubbing and offer extra comforts. No-turn boots made of PVC vulcanized rubbers and shock-absorbing inner liner avoid slipping due to a built-in ankle button.

Dura-Tech boots are also available in a wide range of durable wetsuit, balistic polyamide, natural and artificial elastomers, rubbers, rubber, rubbers, gums and PVC. While PVC is particularly easily cleaned, it is flexible and flexible. The EZ On boots use a unique style for less restricted movements. There are boots with fleece collar for plastic sensible mounts.

We also have weighed bellboots that offer extra support while at the same time developing muscles and improving movement. The Professional Choice boots are available in a limit quantity with offprints, bright plain colours and various designs. As the Dura-Tech model, these are also robustly constructed and very well-protected. Dependent on type, properties includes balistic nonwoven outer sides and UltraShock linings, smooth cushioned gauntlets, double-lock VelcroTM buckles, smooth no-turn pears, dual Velcro buckles, pro-mesh fabric that does not retain moisture, and limescale wetsuit that is resistent to perspiration, moisture and germs.

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