Overnight Horse Boarding

Accommodation horse boarding

Sleeping privately and safely in our own and run full board and school. Sleeping privately and safely in our own and run full board and school. From I-70 east of Denver (Aurora) to junction 295 Watkins. Only 3 mile S. E.

to the farm! Stable boxes, support pins & switches, gras & lucerne feed. A 41 hectare farm with a wide range of choices, which includes open shed pads, circular enclosure, stadium and a large cross.

Favourably situated 3 mile from Junction 295 (Watkins Road) and I-70. 50-' round cage, coral, free-standing 3 stables with stables, paddock. Currently we can accommodate up to 5 ponies at a stretch if you want to use the shed. $25 per horse per day and a reduction for more than 2 ponies.

There' s a dug paddock (140â x 65â??), which is not enclosed, however, but only a shallow area in which one can ride. I also have an Airbnb/VRBO set-up, so you can remain on site with your horse. Boarding costs $20/night/horse and is reduced to $15 if you use my Airbnb/VRBO for your sojourn.

Seven leagues northbound on 501 from the 160 at Bayfield. Inside boxes 12' x 14', we supply first bed linen and fresh running-cleaning. There are also spacious external pencils with shelter. Circular pins, inside and outside places for movement. Washbasin with warm running tap. We' re right on I-25 just 20 leagues due North from Denver.

For a surcharge, 5 inside boxes with run, outside boxes, willows, food, outside area & campers connection with electricity and running and overnight-stay. We' re 20 leagues from Bonny St. Park. After 2 mile we are on the right side of the street. There are 100 hectares of grazing land, accommodation, slopes and stables.

There is an inner and outer arenas. There are over 100 covered 12' x 12' stands, Indoors and Outdoors training areas, motorhome connections and enough trailers for you. Stands with bed linen and long slopes. Playground. Hwy. 83 North to Hodgen Road. Take a right onto Hodgen Road, drive 9m eastwards to the Eastonville Road crossroad.

Follow Woodmen Road to the second traffic light. Take a right onto Meridian Road. Remain nine on Meridian North. Drive 2km to the Eastonville Road crossroad. Set of 10 sheltered barrels 150' x 15' with electric irrigation systems. The pastureland covers 100 hectares (full board). 2 leagues southward of La Porte, CO on the Overland Trail and Michaud Lane.

csus horse stadium just two leagues down the street. 10 boxes shed, living room, bathroom with showers, internal washing system, automated flying spraying system in the shed, with a view of a small pond and at the end of a roads. Roundpen, 100' x 220' Arenas, Drycamping or 2 power outlets for LQ trailers, local Tackshop, straw and chips available, veterinarian near by.

The stables are sterilized between each horse. Near Rappel's Arenas, Spicer's Arenas and Greeley Stampede. There is an outside area and a large circular stable for working with ponies. We' ve got kilometres of open space behind us and almost never-ending bridle paths in the wild countryside of Bloomberg only a kilometre away.

We' re only about 2 1/2 leagues southward on Hwy 340 from I-70 Junction 19. Reliable, stable and roomy pencils with outside use. The pencils are clean every day at no extra cost. Illuminated covered stadium, large open-air stadium, round penn, walk to walk to BLM trails, 5 mile to the city with lots of hotel and restaurant.

five leagues due east of the lovely city of Gunnison, CO. Situated on the southern side of Hwy 50 between milestones 162 - 163. Magnificent campground for guests with 24 motorhome parking spaces, 19 motorhome parking spaces with horse stables and 11 stables in the 230 foot x 110 foot stables for practicing or locking up teams.

There is also a horse coach for rent on the area. 12' x 12' stands with 12' x 24' run s, 120' x 60' indoors, 150' x 300' outdoors. We have a large, tidy and horse-proof facility with large 25â x 25â 19 interior stands, 50â x 50â 19 interior stands, 50?x 50â 19 exterior paddock with loading shelves and 12â 19 x 60â 19 interior tracks, LQ trailers and connectors and 40 acre weed-free willows.

The WZ Ranch also has a round pens and a large equestrian hall with great facilities for exercise, eventing and horse back rides all year round. Secure and experience horse pension; overnight or every month. 12' x 16' stables or 12' x 12' stables, isolated shed with pipes. Giant open-air and 150' x 220' indoors.

5 leagues easterly of I-25, 30 min by Denver. Take junction 240, then head eastwards on Firestone Boulevard. At Frontier St. (baseball court on the right), turn right (south), about 2 mile. Watch out for the big steel shield "Owen Quarter Horse" on the right. Continue along the unpaved path until you see a traffic light on your right.

Walk to the big tree hut in front of you. Roofed boxes with outlets. We' re 15 min from Boulder or 15 min from Longmont. They are used for cleaning stands (if any). An easy system with two closed stands. 2- 6 compatibles. 21 Redbird X County Road.

Hobo's Hideout Bed, breakfast and shed, facilities: There are four show booths, chips and hey, and a small stadium. 7MPH on Highway 184, seven leagues due North of Mancos, Colorado, on remote 44acre. Men's paddock, Indoors and Outdoors, Round Pens, Washbasins, Local possession. Three, two mile from Montrose County Fairgrounds.

Gunnison Black Canyon 11 mile. Three, two mile from Montrose County Fairgrounds. Gunnison Black Canyon 11 mile. There are large kayaks with shelters, stables, fresh waters and grass. The stands are soiled every day. We' ve got indoors and outdoors arena and a round ballpoint pens.

Found just 2. 9 miles from US HWY 550 (7 minutes), just south of Montrose, just east of Walmart. Montrose County Fairgrounds 3 mile (.13 minutes) away, just 8 min. from Holiday Inn Express and other accommodations, several shops and dining options. In-door stands with 30-foot lanes, stadium, circular enclosure, washing racks and straw.

I' m aprox. 1 northeast of Highway 50 in the city of Montrose. At the first traffic lights from Gunnison, turn northbound onto Hillcrest Drive. There are four 12' x 12' stables with 30' barrels, two 12' x 42' pins and a 40' round pin available in our stable. Horseback riding from our stables into the surrounding landscape or let your horse stay with us and experience the horseless rides of the south of Colorado.

Connect your caravan or R.V. right next to your horse or spend the night near a motel. There is a discount of 00 per stable for several of them. We' re about 20 leagues due about Pueblo on the I-25. The entry is on the service street. The new panel tracks (24â x 12â??), without covering, with freshwater (heaters for the winter).

$15 a day and my pencils are $15. 00 a day. We' re on Antlers Lane (County Road 225) in front of U.S. Highways 6 & 24, just 3.5 nautical leagues from Silt or Rifle (just after the #96 Rifle Marking mile). Facilities: 4 -Indoor 12' x 12' stands with 32? running Facilities: 4 -Indoor 12' x 12' stands with 32 running with automated irrigation systems - $25.

00; 2 large corals (1 with outcrop and 1 with windbreak) and auto irrigation â?" for up to 4horses each â? " $18.00 per horse; 1 - 3 hectares of soft willow (fenced in with plainwire and electric wire) with auto irrigation and windbreak - $15.00.

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