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Completely padded nylon holster. Fully-upholstered nylon mount. Xtended Life Closure System Weaver Leather Adjustable Breakaway Nylon Halter. This practical manual is the first time we have made the right halter into a "snapshot". This woven horse halter has a double buckle, interchangeable leather crowns, an adjustable chin strap and a swivelling larynx buckle.

Top-of-the-range Nylon Large Horse Halter, 900-1200 lb (3-ply, 1")

The halters have three major dimensions that are important for their proper sizes. This practical manual is the first way to turn the right holster into a "snapshot". High-grade woven fabric with extremely strong twin ingot buckles. Headgear points of the Premier Nylons: High-strength casting fittings are of the same grade as all other fittings on the marked.

Holder size chart: 37.5" - 41.5" "GREAT holder" You can't goof with it! This is the best price and the best qualitiy, which can withstand weaving or other high-quality 3-layer halter! "I got this as a Christmas present, so I wanted to be sure it was a good one.... it is, and I was so delighted that next months I'm going to order extra holsters for extra presents.

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It is an unscripted standard of the horse kingdom that when you are selling a horse, it must wear a thong. That doesn't mean it's the right holster. Only because your horse wears a holster when he comes home does not mean that he wears a holster that will fit or is even secure.

It is easy to get a holster that is too big, too small or fractured or that will be carried in any way. Most of us want to make sure our ponies are "well dressed", so we want a holster that sits well and looks good while we are well. No matter what the cause, you want to make sure your holster sits snugly so it doesn't tie or scratch your horse's face.

How to find the right holster for your horse. Generally there are horse tacks in full size, and you can see such sizes: Minis - suitable for miniature or small foal. Arabian - Has a smaller nose band as holster for middle or middle size horse.

The Cob or Small Horse - can also be suitable for an Arab, but the nose band can be too big because Arabs have smaller nose than other races. Horse / Averages / Medium - suitable for the medium-rider. Big horse - this can be a warm blood, a train crucifix or another bigger race. This horse holster size is only a guide, and holsters from different brands are different.

Before you buy a holster, you should take a little measurement. Assess where the nose band should be located, about 2/3 of the way between the horse's nose holes and eye. Wrap a blanket or a cord around the horse's face. Start at the side of the horse's face where the nose band would lie, take measurements from one side to the other, place the band along the horse's cheeks, over the survey and on the other side.

Now you can take these measures into the tackshop as a guide for the selection of your holster. When measuring from cheeks ring to cheeks ring, you can slightly move the winder with the clasp. As soon as you have brought your horse collar home, do not remove the signs until you have found out whether it really does fit.

When you put on the holster, the nose band should not be too tight. They want your horse to be able to enjoy eating, drinking and yawning without restrictions. Your throat should not fall too far, but you should be able to place two or three hands between the horse's throat.

When voting, ask the horse to bow as if he would nod and make sure that the holster is not mandatory. It is important that it is not too relaxed, or the horse can put one leg through if it is scratching with one rear leg, or if the holster is dangling too relaxed, it can get stuck on things like goal locks or branches.

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