Paint Draft Horses for Sale

Male-Paintdraft Horses for sale

It's also confusing for some who think and just call it a great color horse, that's not it. He' one of those horses that's fun. Who we are - #1 Scottish Draft Horses, Click here to find your next Scottish Spots.

It is our obsession to produce only the best SKUNTED DRAFT, SKUNTED DRUM and SKUNTED WARM BLOOD FOLLY. Initially we only devoted ourselves to the NASDHA race, but in the meantime we have extended ourselves to the standard of other registers. One of the newest and most striking draught horse breeds, the Colorado Draft Horse is the most popular of all the breeds.

It' also a bit puzzling for some who think and just call it a great colour hobbyhorse, that's not it. Yes, the "color" was taken from a colored animal and rebred into the Percheron (or another draught horse) and began with a half-pull or a crossing, then reared until they had reached their full height again, that is the premiumspotted draught-animal.

So when you hearken to the term "HOMOZYGOUS", spoken (Hoh-mo-zy-guhs), you know that you have found a stable with something unique! Some of our horses are homozygous for the Tobiano genes, which means that they are sure to give birth to a stained colt every year, among them our colt Lance. We' re testing all our horses for colour, patterns and ailments.

In our opinion it provides a better cultivation programme. If you decide for a filly, a filly or a stud, you know exactly what you get: a disease-free, quality-assured draught animal, a speckled drum animal or a speckled warmblood. It' s great to be joined by these magnificent majestic behemoths, but they are gentler than any other race we've worked with.

So much we love them that we purchased our own premium colt, Pained Forest Langhe, and have learnt even more by bred our own broodmares through artificial insemination, stamping and upbringing. Due to the high level of interest in our disease-free colt "Painted Forestry Lance ", we are offering his chilled seeds for sale in the USA.

Mare and even our colt Lance can be taken to a parade - but we still enjoy being with lots of family. Our aim is to enlighten and instruct the general population about the infinite beauties and potentials of this race of horses. Our horses are taken to drafts shows, farms, village shows, marriages, etc. where we are often asked by those who comment on how much they like our horses!

From the beginning of our cattery in 2008 we have specialized in raising spotsted DRUM horses and spotsted warm-blood horses, which also includes the raising of external studs to our premium broodmares. View Draft is specialized in raising high qualitiy, disease-free horses by artificial insemination. and we' re collecting our own sire.

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