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The Paint Horse Prize

Nice, well drawn painting horse yearling mare. She's gonna do an all around horse. For more details and prices, please contact Nancy.

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Discover these fundamental virtues and easy joys on the back of a colourful horse again. Commemorate this opportunity to go back to the root of the West with a one-of-a-kind, vivid story - the America Paint Horse. Paint Horse's origin in North America goes back to the two-coloured horse imported by the discoverers of Spain, offspring of North African and Asia Minor North.

Unavoidably, some of these colourful animals fled to make the fierce flocks of animals that roam the lowlands. Loved by the best riders of the West Border, both Indians and Cowboys were looking for the sturdy ponies that were vociferously stained. Every one of them handed down their extraordinary and singular fur designs and colours to the next one.

Today the Apaint Horse is an excellent companion for amusement rides, shows, cattle breeding, races, rodeos, trekking or simply as a soft companion for the children. Whilst the colourful fur design is crucial for the race's identification, African Paint Horse have stringent bloodlines and a distinct physique.

In order to be admitted to registration, a colour must come from a collection that has been recorded with the Action of the Artists of the American Paint Horse Association, the Art of the Jockey Club (thoroughbred) or the Art of the Craft. This has resulted in an extremely talented stick horse that is extremely varied, strong, sporty and of incomparable beaut. The colours are sturdier and muscular than some other lightweight horse races.

Although the paints are usually brief, powerful and evenly matched, they also show extraordinary finesse and elegance, especially in the area of the forehead and throat. Colour samples distinguish the Canadian Paint Horse from other stick-like races. Every horse has a distinctive blend of whiteness and one of the colours of the horse's rainbow: dark, grey, brown, dark, maroon, grulla, torrel, pink, palominoorange.

Paint/Pinto " are often mistaken if the horse has a bright and deep furs. Pinto Horse Association is a colour register, and Pintos can be any race. Colours are APHA listed ponies, which have a pedigree from one of the three certified registers DQHA, TB and APHA, and fulfil a minimal colour-requirements.

Whereas a noisy horse could be doubly recorded if it meets the pedigree requirements set by each registrar, the two registrars are separate. To register and brood the horse, the horse is categorised according to its own colouring. They have the characteristics of the original monochrome horse's hair marking; the hair can be massive, or they can have a black face, a stripe, a stern or scissors.

Normally a tobacco piano has the black colour on one or both sides - although a tobacco piano can be either predominantly black or both. Likewise, the overall patterns (pronounced: oh vair' oh) can be predominantly either black or off. However, it is typical that the whites on an obo will not intersect the back of the horse between the pommel and coat.

In general, one or all four feet are obscured. Usually the horse's tails are monochrome. However not all fur samples match these two catagories. This is why a few years ago the APHA extended its classification to the term "tovero" (pronounced:' oh - downt vair') to describe the horse with features of both the tobacco and the pattern of overs.

Founded in 1962, the Art Paint Cane Horse Association was founded by riders and ladies who enjoyed the skills of the West Cane Horse, but also appreciated the extraordinary colour schemes of Apaint. From a register of 3,800 registered stallions when it was founded, the organisation has expanded to more than a quarter of a million stallions around the world.

With more than 25,000 entered last year, APHA is the third biggest foal register in the United States in terms of the number of entered colts per year. While APHA's main task is to collect family trees, the club is also committed to the promotion of story, pedigree raising, breed, training, exhibition, motorsport, selling and the joy of paints.

However, the APHA's members are its members, because the club's missions and the programmes it supports are a reflection of their interests and passion for America's Paint Horse. Jump on a Paint and join the recreational equestrian programme or take part in the APHA funded yearly trekk.

When your aim is to achieve new skill level, a paint can take you there, whether in versatility or squad biking. The club has the Outside Competitive Activities Program to document its services in these areas as well.

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