Paint Horse Rescue

Paint horse rescue

The Amanti is a well-built colour gelding with talent and appearance. Finally, we had a chance to get her to the rescue. Painting Horse Need a Home Paint Horse needs a new home as their former owners have died and the yard is being resold. It is 15-17 years old and is about 15.3hhh.

She is not 100% sure of her education, but knows that she has not been riding for about 5 years. Many years ago she had an earlier wound and has a score, but she is fit and well.

It would be ideal for fun or hiking and best for an advanced horseman. Your endorsement charge is $300 (or $250 if you accept with T). The endorsement charge is $300 (or $250 if you accept with JC).

<font color="#ffff00">SHI Rescues - Savings Horses, Inc.

We saw this beautiful little filly on FB as if she had been abandoned on someone as a free horse. Shortly after, we found out that she was a broodmare receiving a broodmare from a foal-producing company that counted her broodmares. Dewdrop's Heart This beautiful 4 year old OTTB filly was saved from Bowie, TX feederlot, Sept. 2017.

It was even discarded with a stringent no-disposal guideline for the purchase agreement and landed on a feedback lot. ernardini Racing took part to help with some of their rescue costs. Saving Lacie & LuckyLacie & Lucky from the Kaufman, TX Feedlot, and adopted by a beautiful Maryland lady.

REBATThis 19-year-old filly was handed over by her owners, who didn't want to leave her in his back yard anymore. She was taken in by SHI who took immediate steps to meet her needs until she could be brought to our friend at Villa Chardonnay Sanctuary in Temecula. Reba will be able to spend the remainder of her life in harmony here, among horse lovers and loving family.

ANNIETThis beautiful 3 year old filly was given to SHI by a caring breeder who couldn't take anymore good care of her. BELLAThi's 14-year-old broodmare was given to SHI by a caring lover who could no longer take good look after her. A year earlier Bella had been saved by this lady from a neglected home.

She' ll get the grooming she needs to heal. 7-year-old Overo Paint was skipped by his former coach and caused paralysis in all four of this horse's extremities. The 18 year old QH filly was released in a Lakeside breeding farm. The SHI helped rescue two whole bloods at the end of the Del Mar race year.

Zorro, now 13 years old, had stayed this year in Del Mar as a "pony horse". At the end of the Del Mar seasons, we "saved" him. Recently we coordinated the rescue of 5 stallions discarded from a beloved S. CA theme farm. They were on their way to the sale where they would no doubt have been purchased for butchering.

Three of the stallions were taken in by Equine Well Being Rescue, Ramona, and the two thoroughbred stallions went to the Tijuana River Valley Rescue. The 15-year-old BLM-Mustang was saved from the S. CA feeder with the help of Barbaro fans and our community help.

Barbaro's fans collected $500 to pay for his adoptions from the sanctuary, one weeks of feeding and grooming at SHI Lancaster, hoof covering, a new rug and transportation to the Safe Haven rescue in Cottonwood. Safe-Haven have changed his name to Sweet Valentine, appropriately called after the daily rescue of a Valentine.

In March, this 8-year-old, 5 p.m. TB/warm blood broodmare was rescued from a dealer's property, which saved her the journey to a battle auctions. Unfortunately Hope was a competitive horse that had been rode into the floor. At a later date we will find out whether Hope is available for the takeover as a saddle horse.

SHI's, a refuge horse, takes good care of this very nice filly, unless someone has a nice willow and some boyfriends to hang out with and is willing to adopted her. SHI saved him at the tender age of 8, not sure where he had been or what he had done, but he was still growing red and breaking at the tender 8.

Unfortunately, the adoptive could not afford the necessary nursing for him there due to insufficient competent help, and he was brought back to health insurance in 2016. A further horse with particular needs that we can include in our range! The SHI often pulls horses from the feeding station. During November these two mustsangs were saved from the feedinglot and shipped to the Blue Sky Rescue in Oregon.

Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro who gave the money for deposit and transport. The 4-year-old OTTB Gelding "Rockin the City" was bred at the stud just in Time for the holiday season. Again many thanks to the fans of Barbaro who gave the deposit. Design HorseThis gorgeous 11-year-old draught horse was saved from the SHI's community poll with money raised by The Fans of Barbaro and other personal contributors.

The " king " is currently in nursing and can be adopted at a later date. Qarter HorseThis handsome stallion was saved from the feeder by SHI with money raised by The Fans of Barbaro and donations from individuals. This two-year design cross was saved by 2 of 9 Californian SHI feedlots and a privat e-sector partner from a Californian horse.

_GO ( Keep in touch for more information about the other 7 horses). Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro who gave for the deposit and the transportation of Gypsy Rose and Max. You are currently in our sanctuary. These two beautiful stallions were adopted by a beautiful, affectionate familiy and will be called Luke & Leah.

KingKINGThis 10 year old purebred gelding was saved from the feed store. The King was moved to the tearsongs Equine Athletes Rescue & Sanctuary, In Ramona, CA, because the SHI is working at full speed. We believe that this expectant filly is a broodmare color/foundation district, but she was saved from the food store. She' also been promoted to Tearsongs Equine Athletes Rescue & Sanctuary, Ramona CA.

In December, this Pole Arab Gelding was saved by the plant. Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro for the generous donation of his deposit.

He' s a calm, meek horse. The SHI co-ordinated the rescue of 2 mussangs from the feed store. You have been taken in by Red Bucket Rescue, a nursing home for Return to Freedom, while a sacred shrine can be found for you. Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro who donated the cash to get these two off the field.

The New Mexico Horse Rescue Design auctions. Co-ordinated by SHI the rescue of three draughthorses brought to an NM auctions from CA. Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro who donated the money needed for this rescue and to our boyfriend Kristen for actually offering for them and bringing them to shelter.

Cristen also saved a thin female TB and a weanedini. ParkSHERWOOD PARK, a 5 year old OTTB saved from an S. CA feeding ground. Lava Man won the last of the races in which this horse ran in Santa Anita. The former coach of this horse was so glad to know that he was in safety.

So he put the horse in a good home. Well, we believe this house has run out of cash to take good grooming for the horse. With the help of Barbaro's fans, SHI has guaranteed the horse's security for the rest of his lifetime. Saturday, September, SHI went to Mike's Mira Loma sale to save 2 Horses.

Seven-year-old Keelhauled was saved for $125. Since no other privat tenderers were interested in him, this horse would have landed at the butchering. That other horse, a 25 year old ex-racing horse we called COURAGE, was the most haggard horse at auctions. That horse got through the sale pretty good. It was $25 to us.

Unfortunately, the horse was in poorer condition, could not go, showed clear evidence of a neurodegenerative condition. They were sent out to see the horse before it was put to sleep and renounced any misconduct on the part of the individual who disposed of this impoverished horse at auctions. The SHI got a call from the Inland Valley Humane Society, who drew our attention to 2 thinly eaten stallions placed on an Ontario batch.

However, the officers explained that she would not immediately take the horse away because it was not a life-threatening state. The Humane Society was again approached by several persons who asked to confiscate these two animals immediately. The auctioneer was given a 48-hour advance warning to consult a veterinarian.

Had that not happened, the horse would not have been confiscated until Monday, April 8. And we were worried the horse would be dead before then. On Friday mornings, volonteers came to the auctions and the horse was taken to shelter. Bravery Unfortunately, the Gelding we called "Matthew the Brave" has been lost in the pendant.

Unfortunately, this rescue was too belated for him. The 20-year-old filly, although very thin, is recovering well. She' s a courageous little filly. Those stallions had been put out to pasture at the beginning of July at the auctions, and had been without veterinarian attention or sufficient food since then.

We are very pleased about this little filly which is a real survival and she has adapted very well to her new home. Many thanks to the fans of Barbaro for the generous donation, so that we can save these animals. KZSW TV featured Deborah Jones and Audrey Reynolds on Chrystal Chessher's interview to show the rescue of the two haggard broken down stallions from an Ontario auction batch.

The GAMBLER was saved at public sale by a person who could not pay for his necessary nursing. GamblerGWEN was saved from a nearby ranch where she was spotted during the fire in San Diego in October 07. with two other ponies that ate all their grub.

The SHI President gave the 3 stallions 3 month long everyday grooming and nutrition. Only on January 08th we could "buy" the horse to rescue it and get it from the farm that was saved together with Gwen. SHI took this filly in and rode her on a regular basis to get her ready for adopting.

Five years ago they confided her to a member of their families when they had to abandon the state for a while and when they came back, the filly was shelled. A 23-year-old Gelding, who has been exposed in a cow filled Ontario farm, is named Aeyo. His weight was very low and he needed a lot of horseshoe grooming.

Eventually, when the horse owners were approached, it was clear that he was unable to give this horse the grooming it needed. The SHI saved Bayo in May 2008. Contribute to Bayo's on-going maintenance or sponsorship for $100 per monthly. June / July 2015 Feedlot Resources Resources. The Nala & Babies and Amber & Babies came from a WAeedlot.

This wild dam and her little girl were saved from the Kaufman, TX Feedlot, and adopted by a beautiful Maryland lady. ZUCKER was saved from a food warehouse in S. California, which was six month gestating and 5 years old. Adopted directly from the facility, she recently gave life to a wholesome fillies.

The LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE also came from the feeding station in S. California. Miss Little Sunshine's FoalHARMONY was saved from the food store in S. California. The ROSY was saved from the power plant in S. California. RosyCHANCE, a 3-year-old male stallion from Mussang, was saved directly from the pastures and went to a house near Mammoth Lakes.

But the new owners couldn't keep him, so he was taken in by the High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary. He' gonna be a great racehorse. You are kindly requested to make a donation for his continuous support until an adoption home is found. The BELLE was saved from the power plant of S. California. ZWEITE CHANCE & GRACIE were jointly saved from the plant.

The second chance is still in rehab; one day he will turn someone into a beautiful horse. Contribute to their day-to-day maintenance or sponsors Second Chance for $100 per months. The MACY was purchased at a sell of goats by the feed-producer. For five whole nights, she was standing in his parking space without veterinary supervision.

In April 2008, when we saved her, she was cracked and stabbed from top to toes. Macy is currently at the nursing home recuperating from her injury, both mental and physical. The coach of his horse ruled that this horse had no prospects in motorsport. where this horse has been for the last few years.

In May 2008 he was saved from the food store and needs a good diet. NUKI EL is a whole blood which was saved from the feed store on the same date as my father in May 2008. Contribute to the running maintenance of El Nuki or sponsors him for $100 per year. MOONA LISA'S CANVAS, a wonderful filly, was also saved that evening.

An adorable, charming, sweet filly, she knew it as Deb and I remained with her until the end. Audrey, Linda, Kathy and Johanna and Caroline Betts, my friend, took part in Mike's Mira Loma, Riverside auctions on 6 October 2007. There was an auctions visited by killers, the 4 stallions rescued that evening would certainly have been slaughtered.

The rescue was financed by Barbaro's loyal fans. Immediately after the sale the stallions were taken to a nursing home in Lancaster. At 3:00 a.m. and 35°C, the horse showed a sign of esteem as they all complained during unload and overnight, especially Prince, who we weren't quite sure would make the trip at all.

One older colt, who later told us that he had not been auctioned two previous months, was back. SHYRFLY, a wonderful Arab horse, had died of starvation but showed up at an action with her completely woven mahne! The 15-year-old paper filly is doing well, has put on a lot of body mass and seems to be more at ease on her legs.

Resources are needed for their continuous upkeep. A 15-year-old Quarter horsegeld, Smiley CODY seemed pretty fit, just looking for some eating and loving. He came paralyzed a few day after the sale and we're still trying to solve his problems. I hope he'll make a beautiful horsetrail.

Means are needed for its continuous maintenance. SMILEY, a 20 year old gelding, who is a funny hiking horse with a giant trot, is ready for upbringing. Linda Richards at Safe Haven Rescue, Cottonwood, Ca. A 20+ year old filly was promoted on Craigslist for $100.

Supported by Fans of Barbaro we were able to rescue this filly and take her from Oregon to California safe. Thanks a lot to Darla from Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, who helped us with this rescue. MARY is the name we gave the filly, and she is currently in the care family in Lancaster.

Resources are needed for their continuous upkeep. "Saved by another woman," she was given to the SHI to protect her from being euthanized. Barbi was admitted to Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Northern California after a good one or two months of nutrition.

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