Paint Horses for Sale in Indiana

Color Horses For Sale in Indiana

BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE REGISTERED PALOMINO/OVERO PAINT & REGISTERED PINTO GELDING FOR SALE. Painted horses for sale in Indiana He' been my wife's wandering hippopotamus for ten years. We' re doing to sell a medicinal state..

.. 2D Barrel Horses, Great for all ages! I am sellin' my barrel of horsecash, she currently runs a 2D. The Scenic Rio Krysun x Black is good. Coincidence is an astonishing animal.

I' m sellin' my 14 year old filly Aerowin, because I'm a full term stud and..... That is Daisy, a 2 year old colour, almost as big as my Arab X and quarters pony, she is soft..... Lovely and clever 5 year old APHA filly.

A 12-year-old APHA-gelding who has originally been broken and is on his way to becoming a stallion for training. He is a quiet little girl who only needs a new home, he is born and raised in our house, he is soft and friendly.....

Maaida Monopoly money

When you have a stallion carrying our mark, as shown in this photo, and you are able to accommodate it again, please do not hesitate to do so. We will help you in any way we can. QUESTIONS: We DO NOT take ANY horses we have reared and either give them a home, help them in selling it, or help them find a new home.

Our "family" of horses is proud to be placed in good houses like yours. As we know, the business world has made many sacrifices and we do what we can to make things better for our clients and their horses. Dblistered and deposited in APHA Breeder's Trusts, currently Neg.

He clings with the scissors without holster, easily from the field to be caught, super for the blacksmith, super stable style, invites directly into the pendant and pulls super. My 13-year-old girl takes care of him all the while.

WILL be a showhorses. TWO FALS!! Those nice, wholesome fillies were a lot of joy! when we did the first 19-day scan of Tiki's gestation. While the veterinarian tried to decrease the gestation during all four sonograms up to 72 working day after gestation, these colts were committed to survival.

Her mother was born at Conley & Koontz Equine in Columbia City, IN. to make sure everything was done to help her & Tiki if necessary. Tiki went into labour after more than 30 working nights in hospitals during an urgent operation that took place on Saturday later. Even though a complete OR personnel and a few veterinarians were present, Tiki was able to have the fillies alone, and both of them were presented normally.

Because of the extremely low temperatures, they stayed in hospitals for their first weeks, but came home full of health and vigour. Mama takes good charge of both colts and has produced enough of them. The foal is deposited into the APHA Breeder's Trust. Non-marketable.

I intended to keep him for myself, but he is a much bigger stallion than I like. has 3++ raised hand, is doubly APHA/PtHA certified and is deposited into the APHA Breeder's Trust. He' s keen to please, and generally a real'folk horse'. Outstanding stable style, simple to cut, bath and load.

Like all our other Monopoly colts, she has a flaming face - I don't know where they come from, because my broodmares don't have much whiteness on their faces and Monopoly doesn't either. It learns quickly, has good leadership and good stablemannery. She learns to line up for the holster and is easily caught from the willow.

Nice stable work.

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