Paint Horses for Sale in Washington

Collected horses for sale in Washington

We have Paint Horses for sale in Washington. Paint Horse Breeders in Washington research information about Best of the Web. The Paint Hors Breeders in Washington Breed. Training horses professionally. This is Horsemanship Lesson's One on One on One Instruction.

We' ve been in horse farming for 20 years and have only just begun to breed Paint. Rearing ponies with the Champagner-Gen. Specialized in Western Pleasure and Rehing horses of all age. Production of horses that can be ridden and haltered.

Paint-Horses for sale in Washington

Striking blue-eyed APHA filly! Can' t zipper me (vegas) is a striking and clever blue-eyed bejeweled! Come when.... 2017 APHA invitations come in is a flash Sorrel & White Overo Filly wedding. It'?s just a simple fantasy..... You can sell it without any mistakes or problems.

Doubly entered mares had 9-12 moths with Todd Sommers for the regency and 5 moths with..... Sierras Obvioustar (Sierras Sonnny ofSony Dee Bar) dam: IMA REDUED RIMBLIN ima redued rimblin kid (Stella) is a beautiful colour of rose. Now this little Filly can enter.....'REIN N SHINE' "FAITH" 6-10-18 APHA Black Bay filly by Big Gunner and The Big Gun XL.....

Fawn Paint Horsehorse Ranch with spots

Buying a horsehorse "from the Internet" can be a frightening procedure if you don't know and rely on the farm your perfect horserun. For over 30 years she has been a respected breeder/trainer/horse advisor. Below are some of the many volunteers who have sent a thank-you letter and are willing to join you in sharing their experiences with you.

CHRISTIAN: I LIKE MY HORSE....I LIKE MY HORSE...I LIKE MY HORSE...I LOVE MY HORSES....... Did I ever tell you how much I loved my little Mrs. Wendy-Hey? I am certainly grateful for this Thanksgiving - and for our ways to come together and for my handsome little guy, of whom I am so proud!

He' s getting better and better every day when I am riding - he did a great work on Lake Como on Wednesday afternoon....passed a man on a MTB who Jag had just seen and drove by (of course he led!!!) Had a great riding - he turns out to be such a great stallion - especially his quiet stance, which I admire completely - just up and down - he also becomes a jewel in the show ring - I just know it.

You' re having a beautiful week-end - thanks again for all the great things you're doing for the equine industries and all your advise and expertise - please know it's highly-valued. Rhoonda, Rhonda Blackfoot. net (Rhonda talked about Jag, her two year old Paint! I' ve bought three beautiful horses from Wendy Malone.

My first steed I purchased in 2005 for my fortieth anniversary. As he came from Wendys and Gary's house, she said he would be connected to me, he would already know me. In the following year, when the fillies came, I couldn't keep away from Wendy's website. The year after my first buy she and I became good buddies and she helped me every single move along the way because I had many issues that raised my first filly.

I' ve spent two of the most unforgettable time of my whole lives at Spotted Fawn Ranch! Then the Lord poured into my mind the astonishing present with which Wendy was consecrated, and I could take a look into the hearts of an astonishing one. I' m not quite sure how these three horses have surpassed my expectation.

It was God who gave me these horses, blessing me through him. All of them have a kind, soft mind, willing to please, big heart, very loyally, trustingly, and each of me has a passion for kids that is so valuable. Fendy's early workout really worked. Marcia Graves P.O.Box 70 Kooskia, Idaho 83539m I am sending you a testimonial about Mrs Malone, who owns the Scottish Fawn Paint Ranch, in Victor Montana.

I' ve known him for 6 years now and knew about their farm a few years before. Nevada Wardrum we purchased a dark bay from a gentleman in Washington who possessed a stud out of Wendy's well known Nevada Wardrum sire. Breeding his lovely sire Wardrum Royal, dam by Nevada Wardrum (Wendy's stallion) and I purchased the dam and we got a wonderful foal that we call Princess.

She' s about to have her second colt by Wendy's Aztec Eagle colt, who really is a nice sire. So we were struck by the caliber of a filly that we chose to go to Wendy's farm and raise our thoroughbred straight with her studs to get close to the bloodline with her great broodmare programme,

and so we went to their Victor farm to see them, and we were so amazed by their horses and my man, and my first thing was that their horses were all beautifully constructed and good-natured, and you could run right under them, stroking the studs and kittens, and they were the fittest horses we had ever seen.

She was very friendly, kind and friendly to us foreigners and showed us her farm and let us see all her lovely horses, where our relationship and our shop started. Two more offspring with Wendy's Heza Blue Tomcat colts and the next year we had the most wonderful bay filly and a lovely bay and whitewas.

After that we raised our princess filly with the help of our partner and got a wonderful filly Diamond by her. We' ve raised her again with Aztecs and expect a new filly every single second. They' really extraordinary geldings we' ve got from her studs and we get so many folks to comment on the qualities and beauties of our horses and they all come from Wendy's blood lines for which she's worked all her years.

There is no free day to show our horses because we have a small manger, and my man makes cupboards and works in the on-site high school. We want good horses of good qualitiy, with a great blood line and many folks wish that we would show them, but we really have no loss of patience.

The princess rides me in a parade and shows me her colts and I get several best awards for horses. If you' re thinking about him..... It has the best blood lines in the Paint an Quartherhorse universe that we have found and has worked all her lifetime to reach this point. Since then she has been selling horses for all events (Reining, Western Pleasure, Hunter Jumper, Polo, Dressur, Brel Race and more).

She is GREAT to work with and with. All she wants is the best for her horses that she is selling. If she doesn't think the horses and humans are a good fit, we know she won't sell them. She' always thinks first of the equine and its destiny.

She' s just been selling one of our Heza Blue Tomcat to a farm in Australia named Tashanor Park. I think you should see this stud she grew and reared. Through her equestrian programme she has become a great friends. She' probably the most knowledgeable girl we know.

She' s always willing to respond to an e-mail or call 24 hours a day to help those with equine ailments. After the foal she did not help me on the telephone when our rapping filly Lacy did not do the cleaning and her advise after our veterinarians did not do that. She' s the defiant alpha of her her flock and her horses and studs really fully appreciate her and when she goes among them, they all come to her with affection and awe.

All you have to do is pay a little trip to their farm. We are really surprised about what we saw during a trip and let our filly breed with her sires. It' s great to see their website and all the new kittens and how quickly they get caught by the clients on one of their particulars.

And she also penned a best-loved Stormy that she had and should be reading, as it gives an inside look into her souls. Everybody I know and have seen loves the horses they have purchased from her and just have a look at her website as many have won in the showring.

She has an astonishing understanding of horses and their genetic makeup and I have complete confidence in her. Your studs have made our blood lines great and we have gorgeous horses and their great blood lines, their temper and their beautifulness in our horses to show them off. If you buy your horses, you will also get your own printed foal and a foal education that fits the horses and is the basis for such a great beginning for the horse's spirit.

I' ve learnt from her and let it flow into our trainings with our horses and have been very helpful to me. You' ll get the best from buying from her and much more with all the help and expertise she has to share with her clients and family. She' s really a very sincere and thoughtful pro and everyone we know who purchased from whom we live will feel just like us.

It will always be there for everyone long after the sale is complete and I am proud to own horses from their sires. I' m a grower of old fashioned horses and ponys in Cornwall, England. A few years ago I was looking for a broodmare to begin my breed here in England.

I' ve seen a number of horses for sale in this land, but none of them met my expectations. Having visited innumerable web sites and talked to growers in the USA, I approached Wendy, who had a wonderful 100% 100% 100% Aztec Painted Queen dam for sale. I realized from the first e-mail that Wendy really knew her horses!

There was a lot of information and pictures about the stallion, everything about his blood lines, his exterior, his disposition, his aptitude for the profession for which I wanted him, etc. She was the first one I had purchased from the web -'blind'. Turns out to be everything Wendy said, has an astonishing predisposition, a great build and would show herself easy.... just an astonishing filly that will never be for sale!

Later on I purchased a prospective stud by Wendy,'Gabriels Ghost', a one-of-a-kind Silver-Grullo filly, who came last year as a youngster.... as well educated and well educated as wendy trains and shapes a lot already at a young age. 3. I' ve also purchased a new filly from Vendy, who will be arriving later this year, which I'm very happy about.

She is a real expert and knows the blood lines and her herd, which she has bred for over 30 years. When you are looking for a world class color pony, whether for shows, reins or just a great happy stallion (!!!!), I would strongly advise you to buy shares of Vendy..... just look at her website, even in the downturn she has been selling the most foals this year!

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