Paint Horses for Sale in Wisconsin

Collected horses for sale in Wisconsin

Diane Miller Quarter Horses) J & J Paints and Quarter Horses is located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin and breeds AQHA and APHA horses.

Paint-Horses for sale in Wisconsin

7 year old APHA Grulla Paint Wallach. LocationsNorth liber, M..... 2011 All Star Honey is an All Star Kid filly. Przemysz is a wonderful 15-year-old filly. LocationNordfreiheit, D..... 2017 Reg Paint Wallach. Cow breeding stallion for sale. SALE Very sporty, great upside!

and for sale "Mocha" Striking 16. One hour Black and White Paint filly. That beautiful filly has..... Zippo's Just Good Times, Chloe, is an astonishing 7 year old, sturdy cove, APHA mam.

Trekking horses for sale in Wisconsin

AQHA and APHA horses are bred by J & J Paints and Quarter Horses in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Dodgeville, WI is in South Central Wisconsin, where the hilly terrain is hilly, the meadows are lush and verdant, and many milking cows and horses can be seen in the countryside. The Wisconsin is the "Dairy State" and also known for its "cheese" and farming.

At J & J Paints and Quarter Horses we produce, grow, train and grow APHA Homozygote and AQHA Elk Leather, dun, green, gal, palomino and rose. We' ve got a lot of horses for sale in Wisconsin. We specialise in the sale of well-bred saddle horses to the family. We are focused on beginners and we have fun to place our horses with family.

Many 4-hour horses, show horses and many trails are for sale. It is our opinion that most of us want a beautiful, calm and secure hippopotamus, while we also like to breed beautiful horses. Even though our top priorities are security, the additional colour and elegance of our horses is a plus.

Our horses are calm and in good condition, but we also like to ride a good looking one. We' re selling our horses all over the States and all over the land. We have dispatch available for from the state buyer and will also deliver for state equine sale. There is always a large choice of saddle horses available.

Mare and gelding for sale and we have almost every colour of horses for sale. There are also many young horses for sale, among them breeding fillies, colts, 2-3 year old and ready -made trails and competition horses. The majority of our horses we have reared and educated ourselves and come from our own broods and sires.

To breed a calm filly for raising, training and sale to the family. A lot of our horses we have marketed have been shown by 4-hour children and many have won competitions and highlights. That' s what we love most about these beautiful horses, and then hear from the clients how well they do and how much they like them.

We train our horses on the trail and ride them on the street so that they are not scared of driving. The majority of our horses are subjected to agricultural implements, ski trailers, agricultural machinery, tractor and dog transport. The horses are rode on paths through the forest, over the sea and by themselves.

All horses are trained so that they are not tied up, angry and patiently heared. Wisconsin. If you are looking for a great pedigree horses, show horses, show horses for the whole familiy, please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be glad to give you more information about our horses for sale here in Wisconsin.

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