Paint Roping Horses for Sale

Pain Roping Horses for sale

One more big horse, named after another big American. Geld is a very nice heel horse and produces good-natured, sporty and beautiful abseiling horses. Roping Paint Team Horses for sale That' Oklahoma, he is a 5-year-old 15-year-old brown Gelding. Coincidence is an astonishing animal. The chief is a handsome one.

Paint 3 hands high. Listed color called twenty one in Victoria. Paint 3 hands high. Listed color called twenty one in Victoria. You can use it for anything you want, I'll use it with all the saddles.....

We have several ready-made abseiling horses for sale, including some years old and three-year old, this page is currently under development, so that we will soon have photos and information about them.

The five-year-old gelding, originally raised and raised here at the farm, is a gorgeous stallion with a marvellous spirit and sporting abilities. He' a very good performer for one or the other.

It has appearance, breed, conformation and quickness. 24.1.11 Shorty, as we call him, has really proven himself in the last three week, we dragged him to Waco to Waco for a US Roping, he always placed and won moneys. The 2/21/11 Shorty won the first place at the abseiling this week-end, he is right on the spot.

27.2.11 Shorty won second place in Gonzales roping. During the Gonzales Roping 4/1/11 Shorty won the first place. I' ve got a videoclip of these horses for abseiling and working, please feel free to do so. Flashhy Cashin Zips (Goose) is a five year old fox from the Pretty Bar Royal, who is our top roping horses at the time and is looking forward to a good year 2011.

Goose won the 4th place in the World Series this week-end, which brought his profit to $7000.00 just for January 2011, also had the overall quickest overall finish of 6.66 seconds.see image @ US Roping in Waco. 27/27/11 Goose won second place in Gonzales roping. Nine-year-old ready to ride heel. APHA Registered.has won jackpot and was drawn to the US ropes and won money.great horse for some one to take roping and win, hey is stout und soun, great disposition, noise habitits, all around horses and many more.

Five-year-old filly, five-year-old female. She is a great filly, she will soon start on drums and abseil, will have an excellent matchday horse.sire is Pretty Bar Royale, from King for update, she comes on quick. mad Smoky girls sinox is 37% king of king registred apha.started on drums and trackin oxen, she is great.this is a picture of her during the shootings in a film on the film.

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